Draw The Line Here cartoon book in national press

July 3, 2015 in News

Cartoon book by cartoonists in Morning Star

(IMAGE cropped to remove accompanying article about Jimmy Savile play)

THE PROFESSIONAL Cartoonists’ Organisation‘s collection of cartoons inspired by the Charlie Hebdo murders has received a very positive review in the UK national newspaper The Morning Star.

“Draw The Line Here is a spontaneous response by British political cartoonists to the murderous violation of . . . freedom of satire”

With some of the book’s cartoons shown, by Bill Stott, Jonathan Pugh, Matthew Pritchett and Martin Rowson, the article goes on to say, “The phrase ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’ might well be something of a cliché but it encapsulates the belief and intentions of both the individual artists and those who made this publication possible.”

You can buy Draw The Line Here HERE>>> on the English Pen site or HERE>>> on Amazon. Proceeds go towards a fund for the families of the Charlie Hebdo massacre and towards English Pen’s global Freedom of Speech campaigns.





Cartoon News – Round Up – links

July 1, 2015 in News



Women in Cartooning – a talk by Ann Telnaes at Moses Znaimer’s IdeaCity Conference in Toronto earlier this month.

Ann Telnaes


RONALD SEARLE – a tribute site covers lesser-known facets of his life complete with wonderful illustrations

American politician “jokes” about wanting to shoot a cartoonist…


Astonishing case of Cartoon Plagiarism. American cartoonist Bob Englehart reveals how his flags cartoon was brazenly ripped off.

Scotland’s comic book festival is now on in Glasgow:

Avatar of Royston

by Royston

Herne Bay Cartoon Festival approaches

July 1, 2015 in Events, General, News

Herne Bay Cartoon Festival poster by Jeremy Banx

With the scorching hot weather we’re having, it’s a good time to think about planning a trip to the seaside. And Herne Bay in Kent is just the place to go.

The third Herne Bay Cartoon Festival begins later this month with an exhibition called Lines in the Sand opening at the Beach Creative gallery on 28 July. As you can see from the excellent poster above, by Procartoonists.org member Jeremy Banx, there will also be a live cartooning day in the Bandstand on the sea front once again, with big board cartoons, caricatures, and a few surprises. That takes place on Sunday 2 August.

This year there will also be an exhibition of cartoons from the British Cartoon Archive, on the history of cartoons and people taking offence at them, as well as a show in tribute to the late Martin Honeysett, who exhibited and appeared at the first two Herne Bay cartoon events.

This year’s event builds on the success of the first one, when it was part of a Marcel Duchamp celebration, and last year’s standalone Cartoonists Beside the Surrealside.

We’ll have more on the festival nearer the time. Meanwhile, you can seen lots more PCO coverage of the previous two events, including great videos by David Good, in the Herne Bay archive.

Cartoonist Royston organises poster in a brewery . . .

June 19, 2015 in General, News

PCO MEMBER, cartoonist Royston Robertson reports on an interesting commission he undertook recently. While most cartoonists have to make do with the usual speculative submissions to the shrinking gag cartoon market or highly-specific corporate cartoons for Car Rental  companies or the European Rubber production industries, Royston found himself asked to produce something for one of his local pubs.

Cartoon for Four Candles by cartoonist Royston Robertson

Royston takes up the story: “Mike Beaumont, landlord of the Four Candles micropub in Broadstairs asked me to come up with a large cartoon poster on the brewing process, to mark the fact that the pub recently started making its own beer on the premises and is officially Britain’s smallest brewpub.

“The idea was to show the brewing process – where and when the hops and barley are added, timings, temperatures etc, in a humorous way, while including daft comments from many of the regulars. I am a regular myself, so I know you get a lot of daft comments in the Four Candles.

Cartoonist Royston Robertson with his Four Candles Cartoon Poster

“It was a really fun job to do. Once finished we had it printed on a 107cm by 193cm Foamex board and laminated, because it has been placed by the stillage, where all the casks go, so it’s sure to get splashed a lot!”

Charles Kennedy remembered by PCO Cartoonist Terry Anderson

June 15, 2015 in News

CharlesKennedy copy

PROFESSIONAL CARTOONISTS’ Organisation member, Terry Anderson, remembers his encounter with the very popular and much-missed ex-leader of the Liberal Democarats, Charles Kennedy. Full article HERE>>>


Cartoonists’ Rights Network – freedom for Atena Farghadani letter

June 9, 2015 in News

THE CARTOONISTS’ RIGHTS Network has published an open letter to The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei appealing for the release of artist Atena Farghadani. Farghadani was arrested last August for drawing a cartoon criticising new Iranian laws imposing further restrictions of women.

Artist/activist Atena Farghadani, from a Youtube posting

The intention of the letter is to persuade the Iranian authorities to quash the sentence of 12 years and 9 months simply for drawing a cartoon whcih depicted various politicians in favour of the bill which restricts contraception to women and criminalises voluntary sterilisation.

The entire Open Letter can be seen HERE>>


The internet’s most TROLLED Cartoonist

June 8, 2015 in General, News

FROM THE NIB, an unsettling report of how a cartoonist can become the target of various hate groups from behind the safety of their bedsit laptops:

The Internet’s Most Trolled Cartoonist

Ben Garrison Troll Cartoon



The trolls were taunting Ben with their twisted insistence that they had as much right to their ‘freedom of speech’ by using his work to spread messages of hate as he did with his own libertarian-principled cartoons.

Ben has drawn and written a detailed account of his traumatic experience HERE.

Charlie Hebdo cartoon book Draw The Line Here published

June 8, 2015 in News

Draw The Line Here Cartoon Book for Charlie Hebdo Cartoonists

AFTER A LONG and checkered production process, the book of cartoons for the families of those who died in the Charlie Hebdo atrocity and in support of free speech, Draw The Line Here, has finally hit the bookshelves. All the crowdfunding pledgers were posted their copies last week and the historic collection of cartoons has been available on Amazon for a few weeks already.

The idea arose when English Pen, under the project management of Robert Sharp, approached crowdfunding organisation Crowdshed to find out if it would be possible to produce a book of cartoons by professional cartoonists in direct response to the Paris atrocity which occurred in January.

Cartoons inside Draw The Line Here by professional cartoonists


Draw The Line Here, available to buy HERE and, on Amazon HERE is a collection of more than 100 cartoons with a foreword by Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation patron Libby Purves. Profits from the sale of tyhe book will be split between a fund for the families of the victis of the atrocity and English Pen’s Writers At Risk Programme defending freedom of expression around the world.

Containing cartoons by professional cartoonists including the very well-known Steve Bell, Peter Brookes, Kevin Kallaugher, Martin Rowson and Ralph Steadman, this collection is a historic, albeit sad, essential volume for every cartoon collector.


New Yorker’s Roz Chast – Outstanding Cartoonist of the year

June 1, 2015 in General, News

Roz Chast continues her winning season with the 2015 Reuben Award, presented Saturday evening in Washington.

THE AMERICAN National Cartoonists’ Society held its annual Reuben Awards last week which appears to have been a watershed in the sharing of awards between the sexes. Traditionally an ‘old boys’ club’ The NCS has finally shaken off the shackles as, for the first time in the event’s six-decade history. a woman, The New Yorker’s Roz Chast, won the biggest honour, The Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year. Not only that, but six other women won in the 16 other competitive categories.

FULL STORY from the Washing Post HERE>>>


Cartoonist named journalist of year

May 30, 2015 in News

Chronicle Herald cartoonist Bruce MacKinnon. (ADRIEN VECZAN / Staff / File)

YES, IT HAPPENS sometimes, or at least once. At the National Newspaper Awards in Canada Bruce MacKinnon was named journalist of the year for his work as a cartoonist on the Chronicle Herald.