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Getting a fix in Soho?

May 18, 2015 in General


Next week, our very own Simon ‘Cartoono’ Ellinas will be plying his trade in the heart of Soho – cartooning live onto a big board based on what members of the public say they love about London.

The venue is Artfix, which promotes a variety of art forms and makes them accessible to a wider audience. Simon has been engaged in the ‘Artists’ Battle’ earlier in the year (it was, of course, a DRAW), and is now taking this wonderful opportunity to exhibit the art of cartooning to the cosmopolitan Soho crowds.

Visitors will be encouraged to photograph their cartoons and share them with the world; incessant tweeting and Facebooking will ensure maximum publicity for the event – and hopefully there will be press coverage too!

You are warmly invited to come along; it all takes place at Artfix, 22 Peter Street, London W1F 0AJ from Tuesday May 19th to Monday May 25th between 2.00pm and 5.00pm, except for Sunday when the store is closed.

Cartoonist Terry Anderson – Profile

May 17, 2015 in General, News

Terry Anderson-1

PROFESSIONAL CARTOONISTS’ Organisation member, Terry Anderson has been a cartoonist since the age of seventeen with illustrations and strips for The Glasgow Herald.

He studied at the Joe Kubert School in New Jersey before returning to Scotland and becoming a founding member of the Scottish Cartoon Art Studio in 1999. Since then he’s served in an organisational role as well as working as a cartoonist, most recently getting the Auld Acquaintance Exhibition on the road (you can see the PCO coverage HERE. Terry has also been a past president of the Scottish Artists Union.

Visual Minute

As well as caricaturing (as well as workshops, most recently at the Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival) Terry does a lot of visual minutes/graphic recording; this is when  cartoonist is hired by companies to graphically illustrate the main points of a business discussion. His most recent ‘visual minutes’ gig was for the Scottish Parliament’s Cross Party Group on Culture; nothing on their site yet but, apparently, drawings will appear there shortly.

Caricature Commission

Illustrations for educational and promotional purposes are also part of the Terry Anderson mix.

Terry usually keeps an eye on topical affairs on his Twitter account HERE.

The Studio and SAU:

GE2015 Leaders-1

Cartoonist Ralph Steadman comments on topical events

May 7, 2015 in General, News

Cartoonist Ralph Steadman

UK CARTOONIST Ralph Steadman was approached by the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation for permission to allow the Independent to use his cartoon in a forthcoming puff piece for the book Draw The line Here.

His response was hilariously encouraging and enlightening at the same time.


Quick response!!! SCHNELL!! BITTE!!!  Das ist GUT!!!  YAH!!!  Of course you have my permission – and which line would that be???

The Metropolitan Mohammed Line!!?  All this Religious madness is sickening!  And now TEXAS!!!

Although I thought that the Competition to draw Mohammed was a tad provocative……England has a fine tradition of Mockery based cartoons going back to Hogarth, Cruikshank and Gilray, et al….. some folks think that a caricature of themselves is a rude personal insult and do not accept that it is only fun – I have been confronted by such people!  Though no one has yet tried to shoot me!

Warmest regards


Profile of PCO Chairperson/ Cartoonist Bill Stott

April 27, 2015 in General

PROFESSIONAL CARTOONISTS’ Organisation Chairperson, Bill Stott had a varied start to working life. He says that he was “a lot of ‘exes’” – including using his Fine Art degree as an ex-Art Teacher and ex-Schools Inspector. Quite what he was inspecting at schools isn’t told but it undoubtedly contributed to his ever-flowing reservoir of ideas for cartoon gags.

Bill’s cartoons started appearing a wide range of publications including Punch, The Oldie, Private Eye, Automobile and Classic Car Buyer, Saga Magazine and an obvious candidate for the Have I Got News For You Magazine of the week, The Stationary Engine.

Over forty cartoon books were produced over the years and Bill is looking forward to two new ones being published after a gap of eight years. In the corporate/private sector, Bill’s cartoons are often used on humorous calendars.

A regular participant and organiser of the Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival (although, unfortunately, not this year), Bill has always been a prominent fixture at the Big Boards with his unique giant water-colour style of huge cartoon.

Bill Stott at Big Board

As the Chairperson of the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation, Bill keeps a protective eye on the concerns and struggles of UK professional cartoonists from all walks of life and is currently steering the way through to the imminent publication of Draw The Line Here, a collection of Charlie Hebdo-inspired cartoons, in aid of their familes and for freedom of speech charity, English Pen. 


The Surprising Cartoon talents of Presidents of the United States

April 20, 2015 in General

From The Washington Post (click for full article)

Artisan Politics

By Bonnie Berkowitz and Samuel Granados

Cartoons by American Presidents

Like many people trapped in endless meetings, U.S. presidents tend to doodle. Their sketches and scribbles on documents such as memos and White House stationery have long been fodder for analysts seeking deeper meaning. But what would artists say? We asked four cartoonists to critique some presidential doodles — without knowing which POTUS was behind the pen.



PCO Cartoonist David Ziggy Greene

April 13, 2015 in General


CARTOONIST DAVID ZIGGY Greene is well-known for his Scene and Heard ‘cartoon reportage’ series (above) in Private Eye.

As much as he hates being interviewed about his work, he was willing to come forward and present this public profile piece for the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation blog. “I’m so bad about promoting myself that many close,longterm friends never know a thing about my work.”



not only does David work for Private Eye but also Time Out (above) and even, occasionally, the French satirical paper Charlie Hebdo (below).

ukip french taster

“I’ve just taken on a regular gig for Brazil’s largest newspaper but their insistence on an interview is putting this in doubt. I’m thinking of pulling out!”

As well as his publicly published work, David draws for business magazines, usually simply drawing strips to supplied scripts.

David’s blog can be found HERE where you will see a vast array of recent and not so recent cartoons and illustrations.

A keen supporter of the concept of self-publishing and the ‘comics scene’ about which he says: “There are far too many events to sustain the ‘scene’. That’s not my opinion. The scene has started acknowledging it.” An interesting article on just this topic HERE.

PCO Cartoonist News: Rupert Besley

March 18, 2015 in General, News

Cartoonist Rupert Besley Live Cartooning

CARTOONIST AND PCO member Rupert Besley has had work widely published over a 30-year career, including in Punch and The Oldie. Many tourists will have found his cartoon cards with their distinctive pen-and-ink style with ink and watercolour washes in seaside resorts around the UK and students will have had some of their text books enlivened by his cartoon illustrations.

As the demands for cartooning have changed over the past few years, he has seen himself ‘performing’ live (above) by illustrating history talks and corporate conference discussions. Rupert’s website is HERE and his PCO portfolio is HERE.


Farewell to Martin Honeysett

February 17, 2015 in General












Martin Honeysett   20 May 1943 – 20 January 2015

Martin’s funeral took place on a wet, windy Friday 13th in Hastings, attended by several PCO members and significant folk from his publishing past, including Richard Ingrams, Tony Rushton and Martin Rowson. The crematorium was packed to the rafters – a powerful appreciation of a man who was loved for his personal qualities as much for his brilliant, wicked cartoons. His wicker coffin sat there, adorned only with one of his famous hats.

Among the many generous tributes were reminiscences from his lovely daughter Sophie, Tony Rushton of Private Eye and others – but perhaps the most memorable reading came from an old friend, Bob Mazzer. a well-known local photographer. He has known Martin for decades, and recalls that they had an instant sense of connection when they first met. This is perhaps not surprising – like Martin, Bob is an unassuming, self-effacing genius. In recognition of Martin’s incarnation as a London bus driver, he read the following:

The Bus Driver’s Prayer

Our Father, who art in Hendon,
Harrow Road be thy name.
Thy Kingston come,
Thy Wimbledon
In Erith as it is in Hendon.
Give us this day our Berkhampstead
And forgive us our Westminsters,
As we forgive those who Westminster against us.
Lead us not into Temple Station,
And deliver us from Ealing.
For thine is the Kingston,
The Purley and the Crawley,
For Iver and Iver,
Crouch End.

It was a fitting tribute in a ceremony which was poignant, moving and funny. Martin would have approved.

Charlie Hebdo book on the launchpad

February 2, 2015 in General, News

Cartoons in Independent

AFTER A MULTI-media blitz involving the Independent newspaper (above), Mashable, Twitter, Facebook and a live interview on London Live’s Headline London, Draw The Line Here, the book aiming at raising funds for the families of the Charlie Hebdo killings and for freedom of speech campaigners English Pen, has now been more than 100% funded.


Independent journalist Gillian Orr gave the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation a generous spread within a detailed article centred around an interview with their house cartoonist Dave Brown.

London Live featured several of the cartoons during a four minute spot in which presenter ClaudiaLiza Armah asked Cathy Simpson and Simon Ellinas (above in the London Live studios) a few salient questions about the project. You can view the clip HERE as well as seeing the generous amount of info and linking on the London Live website.

Crowdshed managed to get an item about Draw The Line Here put out on internet news site Mashable (see item HERE) which very swiftly achieved over 800 shares.

All of this plus some incessant tweeting and Facebook notifications undoubtedly led to the project receiving more than 100% funding.

However, in order to further drive down print costs, Crowdshed are keen to continue receive pledges. You can do so HERE. Each book costs £15.00 and for £30.00 you can have any name printed in it.

When the design has been decided, advance glimpses of the book will be posted here, so stay tuned!






Private view of Mark Boxer cartoons at Cartoon Museum

January 21, 2015 in General

THE CARTOON MUSEUM in London launched its exhibition of cartoons and caricatures by the late Mark Boxer last night. With his background in magazine design and editing and an address book bristling with high society contacts, Marc (as his pen name was spelled) was ideally situated to observe the high and mighty and lampoon them, if ever so gently, in his series Life and Times in NW1 in The Listener. Considered a natural successor to Osbert Lancaster, his pocket cartoons and caricatures of the glitterati of the period appeared in  the Times, The Guardian and many other magazines.

You can see full information on the Cartoon Museum website by clicking the image below:

The Cartoons and caricatures of Mark Boxer