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PCO Procartoonists – forthcoming event

January 14, 2008 in General

Bloghorn can reveal final preparations for the UK’s annual cartoon festival are now well underway. Cartoonists are primed to perform in public, the festival theme has been set and exhibitions are being collated and collected from at least two continents. Deadlines for the supply of original artwork are drawing near across several countries and all in all, there’s quite a bit going on. Festival dates are 18th-20th April this year and there will be plenty of information about the event coming up throughout the spring. Put it in your diary.
14th January 2008
British cartoon talent
British cartoon talent

PCO Procartoonists on waiting for the phone to ring

January 13, 2008 in General

PCOer Alex Hughes writes and draws;
Overjoyed as I was at the receipt of my DACS payment from the UK Design and Copyright Society just before Christmas, I was slightly miffed to read an article in the Studio DACS newsletter which dropped on my doormat this morning entitled ‘My short life as a political cartoonist’ by Simon Stern. Now, I’ll admit I’m not aware of Simon Stern’s work as an illustrator, and I can only applaud his work as a member of the DACS’ Board of Directors , but I was somewhat put out by the opening paragraph:

One day out of the blue I got a call from the Times Saturday Review, asking how I would feel about doing a weekly colour cartoon for the magazine? It wasn’t an offer I was about to refuse, so after gaining admission to the Times Newspaper’s armed encampment in Wapping, I found my way through a series of shabby looking buildings to the Saturday Review offices.

I understand Mr Stern‘s story to have actually taken place some years ago. I am writing as someone who has been trying to get my foot in the door drawing newspaper political cartoons, and this statement rankled. If an illustrator can be called up unsolicited to take up a position that many of us professional cartoonists would be clamouring to get, it suggests to me that certain editors don’t know where to look for cartoonists. My own experience leads me to conclude the situation has got worse in the intervening years, and how much we need the activities of the PCO to help get news out there into the world and bang the drum for our skills.
You can see some of Alex’s visual arguments if you click H from here.

British cartoon talent

Artist of the month: John Landers

January 11, 2008 in Events

A marvellous joke from the PCOs Artist of the month, John Landers. Bloghorn says click L for Landers.
11th January 2008
British cartoon talent

by Royston

Cartoon exhibition: Robert Dighton

January 9, 2008 in General

An exhibition entitled Robert Dighton: Georgian Caricaturist, Actor and Thief is at The Cartoon Museum in London from January 23 to April 20.

Dighton (1751-1814) was a colourful character who for a time combined a career as an actor in the West End with that of artist and printseller, producing caricatures of the London celebrities of the day.

This exhibition of 80 of his original caricatures of celebrities and nonentities, the rich and the poor, provides an insight into the life of Georgian London. They range from Bill Richmond the famous black boxer, sportsman, innkeeper and promoter, to Martha Gunn who supplied bathing machines and prostitutes to the upper classes on their visits to fashionable Brighton. Dighton also drew the tailors, actors, academics and down-at-heel types who could be found on any street.

At the turn of the century he achieved notoriety for stealing and selling prints which he had quietly stolen from the British Museum.

The exhibition will also include some examples by his sons and grandsons who carried on the tradition of caricature.

The museum is at at 35 Little Russell Street, London WC1A 2HH and is open Tue-Sat, 10.30am-5.30pm, Sun 12pm-5.30. Admission £4/ £3. Free to Students and under 18s.

British cartoon talent

PCO Procartoonists on the vacant Trafalgar Square plinth

January 8, 2008 in General

Bloghorn defies anyone to argue convincingly that the entries for the ‘art’ slot in Trafalgar Square from both Tracey Emin and Yinka Shonibare aren’t really cartoons on a grand scale. This link to the shortlisted lineup comes courtesy of The Guardian newspaper.
8th January 2007
British cartoon talent

PCO and a well-travelled cartoon (ist)

January 6, 2008 in General

Glad tidings from North Eastern Kent in the UK from whence PCOer Royston Robertson has successfully dispatched one of his cartoons all the way to the Antarctic. A distance of 10,602 miles or thereabouts. The South African National Antarctic Expedition asked if they could use a cartoon of his, which first appeared in Reader’s Digest magazine, on their team T-shirt for this year’s trip to Antarctica.

Who could turn down an offer like that? And there is more good news concerning Mr Robertson who has happily signed up to help write and look after The Bloghorn. Lapsing into third-person diary speak, Bloghorn is most delighted about this. Click R from here to see more of Royston’s work. British cartoon talent

Artist of the Month: John Landers

January 4, 2008 in Events

Londoner John Landers has been drawing gag cartoons and funny pictures since he was a boy. He attended Middlesex University in London where he studied Graphic Design and although cartoons and funny drawings featured in much of his early design work, he didn’t turn to selling his cartoon gags directly to newspapers and magazines until the early nineties. He produces corporate greetings cards, cartoon book illustration, strip cartoons, induction booklets and corporate logos. John’s cartoon work is published in many UK newspapers and magazines which include Private Eye, The Spectator, Reader’s Digest, The Times, The Sun, and The New Statesman. He is also resident cartoonist for Digital Photo magazine. His jokes have been published in many countries around the world including U.S.A. Italy, Sweden, & Germany. Bloghorn says click L for Landers.
4th January 2008
British cartoon talent

The sex appeal of the creative mind

January 2, 2008 in General

PCOer Neil Dishington, spots, paraphrases and even quotes from an item from The Times newspaper, as follows;

“The sex appeal of the creative thinker was in part because the possession of a lively creative mind is considered an attractive feature in either sex.”

“These lucky people started with the advantage of being considered attractive before they had begun their chat-up line.”

“Even being in a regular relationship doesn’t stop their tally rising, for they are usually forgiven any infidelity as this is expected of a creative person.”

Neil summarises, cartoonists are creative thinkers…aren’t they?

Bloghorn can only applaud the wisdom of this last observation, the vigilant eye of Mr Dishington, and agree wholeheartedly with parts of the claims made by the research and original words. Although, it ought to be pointed out that the journalist responsible for reporting the original piece, which you may find here, is known by Private Eye as Dr Thomas Utterfraud.

Belief might also be shaken by personal field research, certainly the sound of female cackling chez Bloghorn, has not ceased since the subject was raised.

The last word (and picture) to Mr Dishington.

He’s ’oozing’ something but it’s not sex appeal
3rd January 2008
British cartoon talent