The curve of a cartoonist-part 2

Following our recent post about the variety of lines and ways to make a joke you can find inside the PCO cartoonist portfolios, here’s a classic piece of linear observation by the great American director, Chuck Jones. The dot and the line was adapted from a book by US architect, Norton Juster. The original illustrations […]

Cartoon football for Euro 08

The BBC has embraced the talent of Aardman animation, makers of Wallace and Gromit among many others, to make the titles for their coverage of the European football championships, which are starting this weeeknd. If you watch the video from the Beeb here, you’ll see what a key role traditional drawing and cartoon skills can […]

Artist of the Month: Rupert Besley

PCOer Rupert Besley is our artist of the month for June 2008. Besley has been widely published for over 20 years. Most of his detailed watercolour work has been in providing illustrations for schoolbooks, educational publishers and business presentations in need of charm and direct communication. But he has also supplied gag cartoons for many […]

Cartoon exhibition: An Independent Line

An Independent Line – an exhibition of cartoons from The Independent newspaper, by Dave Brown, Peter Schrank and Tim Sanders, is at the Political Cartoon Gallery in London from June 18 until October 18. The exhibition promises to be a treat for lovers of satire, as it features a wealth of work from the Indie’s […]

New Foghorn cartoon magazine out now

A new Foghorn cartoon magazine from the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation is out now. If you would like to subscribe to the six issues a year please click the big blue button to your right, now.Click to enlarge the pictureShowcasing British cartoon talent From the PCO (Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation)

The curve of a cartoonist-part one

To many people, one drawing can look much like another, but to a professional practitioner of the art, little could be further from the truth. The simple dictionary definition of drawing* is the art of representing by line, but behind this statement the variety can seem infinite. Expression and communication in drawn line and the […]