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Artist of the Month: Andy Davey

August 15, 2008 in Events

Andy Davey is the PCO Artist of the Month for August 2008.

Bloghorn asked him how he makes his cartoons.

I draw with small pieces of broken china, dug up from the garden, while listening to Bach fugues on the wireless. Well, that’s not strictly true. I use pen and ink too … in fact, almost anything which will make a wet and awkward mark really (excluding live crocodiles).

I have tried computers, but I’ve reverted to the wet sensuous stuff – lovely large sheets of fat white watercolour paper, ink as black as jet, the rich wonderful unpredictable colours of Messrs Windsor and Newton, toothbrushes, nibs, blots, smells and mess – it’s wonderful. I’ve been working larger and larger lately – untroubled by the trivial annoyances of deadlines … or payment. I love the free sweep of a nib across virgin Imperial sized paper. It’s a bugger to scan though, even with an A3 scanner. I’m sure I’m going the wrong way here – everybody tells me the way forward is digital, digital, digital – including you, Mr Bloghorn – but you’re all wrong, I tell you – do you see? – Wrong! Ha ha ha (at this point, Mr Davey was heavily sedated under restraint).

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It’s British cartoon talent

by Royston

The Cartoonists' Olympics

August 13, 2008 in General

Bored with the Beijing Olympics already? Don’t worry, there’s always the Cartoonists’ Olympics.

At least there is in the mind of the New Yorker cartoonist Mick Stevens. He imagines what the 2008 Magazine Cartoonists’ Olympic Games would be like on his aptly named blog I really should be drawing.

Events include: The Reject-Toss (see above) in which contestants toss crumpled-up balls of paper containing unsuccessful ideas across a large room, attempting to hit a small wastebasket on the other side; and Drawing-Table Tennis, which involves two cartoonists batting ideas back and forth across a drawing table until the ideas become completely unrecognizable and devoid of humour.

Any cartoonists wishing to take part in these Olympics, please note: caffeine is a banned substance.

The PCO: British cartoon talent

Cartooning in the silly season

August 11, 2008 in General

PCOer Morten Morland writes for Bloghorn:

I was going to write a post on cartooning during what journalists call the silly season. It would have been about trying to perform when most meaningful politicians are on holiday and the papers are full of exclusives such as “Brendan from Bradford can blow bubbles with his bum”.

I intended to begin with the useful opening: “Spare a thought for…” – and follow up with desperate descriptions of life inside a non-airconditoned studio while the rest of the world enjoys barbecue and beer in the paddling pool across the road.

I would go on to curse the party leaders for taking holidays despite knowing full well that cartoonists can’t work with the obscure backbenchers they leave behind.

I would wail about editors who demand that cartoonists continue to produce biting political satire, whilst allowing other commentators to meditate repeatedly on swimming trunks in the post-Blair era.

I was going to write all of that and more, but I won’t, or, rather, I can’t.

Because as if by magic a couple of weeks ago, Foreign Secretary David Miliband suddenly cried “LOOK AT ME!” in the Guardian newspaper. He held a grinning press conference and went on an autograph-signing walkabout with the press in tow. The blessed Prime Minister, who mercifully had chosen to take a good ol’ British seaside holiday, with all its rich, stereotypical visual language, was near-fatally wounded.

Then that pier burned down, giving us another day and a half of metaphorical meat. SATs results were published – incredibly badly. The credit crunch rolled on, house prices fell, the stock market slowed and Alistair Darling hinted haplessly at future bribes for voters.

Beijing is currently hosting the Olympics under the slogan, Faster Imprisonment, Stronger Punishment and Higher Pollution – giving us all weeks of material about human rights abuse, protests and smog. And to top it all, Russian Prime Minister Putin and his little president have just found an excuse to start a war in Georgia.

And through it all, it’s raining. Cold rain.

Silly season? Absolutely. Brilliantly silly if you’re a cartoonist.

But spare a thought for everyone else …

Ed: You can see some of Morten’s silly season work for The Times newspaper here.

It’s British cartoon talent

Cartoon Pick of the Week

August 8, 2008 in Links, News

As we drift into the sometimes quieter backwaters of the summer news season, here’s a few cartoons that caught Bloghorn’s eye this week.

Dave Brown on lip-reading, from the Independent

Pete Dredge on the continuing effect of the smoking ban, from the Spectator

Christian Adams on yawning dogs, from the Telegraph

As previously mentioned, if you’ve seen a cartoon in the last seven days or so that you think deserves a bit of attention, please pop a link to it into the comments below.

It’s British cartoon talent

Artist of the Month: Andy Davey

August 7, 2008 in Events

Andy Davey is the PCO Artist of the Month for August 2008.
Andy’s cartoons and caricatures have appeared in UK publications including The Guardian, The Times, The Sunday Telegraph, The Independent on Sunday, Private Eye, The Spectator, The New Statesman and Prospect. He has wielded his pen for TV too, drawing for the animated satirical cartoon series 2DTV and covering occasional political news events on Channel Five TV News and Sky TV News.

Bloghorn asked him a few questions, starting with a predictable one: What made you become a cartoonist?

First, I’m very embarrassed you asked me, because it’ll look like nepotism (Andy is the chairpersonman of the PCO, which runs Bloghorn – Ed). However, since you’re holding a water-pistol to my head …

The Voice from within made me do it, m’Lud. Hoarse from years of unacknowledged yelling, it shouted from atop a small grassy knoll somewhere in my gullet. It was only when someone asked me what all the shouting was that I took notice. Ah yes; the little noisy chap within.

He’d wanted to be a cartoonist from the age of about eight, seduced by an imagined life where ties were not essential but getting up late and being rather louche were absolutely expected. Although he didn’t know what louche meant. He wanted to draw characters from the pages of Wham! and Beano comics all day, essentially – with short breaks for football on the park – and saw a career in cartooning to represent just that.

My dour, rational self wilfully ignored such fancies and went about the long, long dreary task of establishing a deeply mediocre career in something hard, unrewarding and smelly (research chemistry). But the Voice kept shouting, letting up only while the usual unhealthy distractions of adolescence and early adulthood kept my mind off … well, anything really. Finally, I gave in – albeit far too late to build anything other than the career I have now.

Bloghorn says click D for Davey.

British cartoon talent

by Royston

Animation: Monkey business at the BBC

August 6, 2008 in General

It’s great to see that the BBC has come up with a very striking animated film to promote the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, which get under way this week.

The characters, adapted from the Monkey stories, are designed by Jamie Hewlett, and the music is by Damon Albarn, his partner in the animated pop group Gorillaz. Monkey and his pals will be the face of the BBC’s Olympics coverage.

The BBC Sport website has a gallery on the the making of the trailer and you can see more on the BBC Blast site.

The PCO: British cartoon talent

Cartoon Exhibition: The Beano in Dundee

August 4, 2008 in General

Amid the coverage of the London launch of the Beano and Dandy Birthday Bash last week at the Cartoon Museum, we should mention that there’s a parallel exhibition in the Beano and Dandy’s home town of Dundee. The exhibition is being held at the Lamb Gallery at the University of Dundee until the 20th September, Monday to Friday 9.30-20.30, Sat 9.30-12.00, and best of all, it’s free to enter!

More details at the University of Dundee’s website. Not being able to attend ourselves, Bloghorn would be keen to hear any reports from the exhibition.

Getting back to the London event, ITN sent a reporter along to cover the event last week, and here’s their report.

Thanks to Lew Stringer for his Blimey! It’s another blog about comics for the above links.

PCO member Steve Bright, who worked for the comics for more than twenty years, asks us to point out that ITN have made a clanger in their copy. The current editor of The Beano is Alan Digby, not Rigby. Independent Television News, what can you say … thanks for pointing that out Steve.

It’s British cartoon talent

Artist of the Month

August 1, 2008 in Events

Bloghorn is giving Artist of the Month a week off this Friday but we will be back with a new featured cartoonist next Friday. In the meantime, have a look back at the talent we have already featured over the past year.

It’s British cartoon talent

Cartoon Pick of the Week

August 1, 2008 in Links, News

Bloghorn is launching a new regular feature today: Cartoon Pick of the Week. This does exactly what it says on the metaphorical tin. We shall be highlighting what the folk at the PCO think are the top three drawings and jokes we’ve seen during each working week. If you have a submission you think we should have seen – but have missed – pop a URL link in the comments underneath this post. The list won’t be exhaustive or even always comprised of just our members, but it will be funny. So, Bloghorn hopes you enjoy our list for the week ending 1st August 2008.

Morten Morland on David Miliband. Full cartoon in The Times
Grizelda on cutting CO2 emissions. Published in Private Eye
Paul Thomas on beach holidays. Published in The Express

British cartoon talent