Cartoon Pick of the Week

We spotted this great work this week … One: Mac in the Daily Mail uses a strip format for his Obama inauguration cartoon Two: Kipper Williams in The Guardian on insurance firm AIG dropping its Man Utd sponsorship Three: Matt in the Daily Telegraph on greedy bankers The PCO: Great British cartoon talent Subscribe to […]

Artist of the Month: Nathan Ariss

Bloghorn’s Artist of the Month, Nathan Ariss explains how he makes his cartoons: I know, this is really that question about which nibs and paper I use, isn’t it? Well, to put the knitted Parker on for a minute, I mostly go for the Gillott’s 404, lightly dipped in FW acrylic ink and drizzled on […]

Tony Hart dies aged 83

Tributes are being paid to the TV presenter and artist Tony Hart, who has died aged 83. Tony Hart probably did more than anyone to get generations of British children drawing, through TV shows such as Vision On, Take Hart and Hartbeat. The BBC has an obituary and a picture gallery on Tony Hart’s career. […]

Cartoon exhibition: Browned Off!

The Political Cartoon Gallery’s Tory Blues exhibition has now closed so, in the interests of balance, attention is turned to the Labour Party. Browned Off! A cartoon exhibition on the first 18 months of Gordon Brown as Prime Minister, opens at the gallery on Wednesday (January 21) and runs until March 14. The show will […]

Cartoon Pick of the Week

We spotted this great work this week … One: Jonathan Pugh in The Times on trouble at M&S Two: Peter Brookes in The Times on the last days of Bush Three: Harry Venning in the Guardian: Clare in the Community The PCO: Great British cartoon talent Subscribe to The Foghorn – our print cartoon magazine

Artist of the month: Nathan Ariss

Artist of the Month, Nathan Ariss explained to Bloghorn how he became a cartoonist: I feel immensely fortunate to have been born into a creative household where it was entirely acceptable to set one’s sights on becoming an artist, musician, actor or professional itinerant, which is pretty much what I am all about to this […]

Popeye is out of copyright…

…in Europe at least. The copyright on the spinach-munching sailor passed into the public domain under European copyright law as of the 1st January. 2009 marks 70 years since the death of Popeye‘s creator, cartoonist Elzie Segar, although his creation is still covered in the US until 2024 by their longer 95 year rule. According […]