Artist of the Month – The Surreal McCoy

Bloghorn asked the PCO Artist of the Month, The Surreal McCoy, how do you make your cartoons? A bit of ink on paper, followed by a spot of colour from Photoshop using a digital tablet and usually accompanied by plenty of procrastination. (To paraphrase John Lennon, cartoons happen when you are busy making other plans/cups […]

Keep Calm and Carry on Drawing

PCOer Royston Robertson writes: The World War Two propaganda poster Keep Calm and Carry On is proving to be a big hit in recession-hit Britain, so I came up with a version for cartoonists. It’s not hard to see why people love the 1939 government poster, they’re embracing the “Blitz spirit”, and refusing to let […]

Cartoonists solve knotty visual problems

Ever had problems with with that spaghetti of tangled-up cables? Christoph Niemann certainly has and here illustrates his frustrations for the New York Times using a novel approach involving cartoons and wire.

Bloghorn patron raises laughs and money

PCO patron Libby Purves raised lots of laughs on Radio 4’s Stand-up With the Stars, as well as raising money for charity. But sadly she was not the winner – that honour went to fellow Radio 4 presenter Peter White. Listeners decided the winner by a telephone vote. Proceeds from the vote raised money for […]

The bigger picture and the cartoonists

Following some recent evidence for the power of a very traditional visual art, PCOer Patrick Blower writes with details of his recent adventures with BBC News: The news at ten called me up, knowing that a cartoon was the perfect medium to explain quantitative easing – the driest and most arcane of subjects. I knocked […]

Cartoon Pick of the Week

Bloghorn spotted this great work during this week ending the 13th March 2009. One: Tim Sanders in The Independent on bankers retraining as teachers Two: Nick Newman in The Sunday Times on Heston Blumenthal’s woes Three: Alex Hughes in Tribune on Northern Ireland The PCO: Great British cartoon talent Subscribe to The Foghorn – our […]

Artist of the Month – The Surreal McCoy

The PCO Artist of the Month for March is The Surreal McCoy. Bloghorn asked Surreal the usual searching question: What made you become a cartoonist? As there’s no history of madness in the family I can only assume it must have been drunken musicians laughing at my incoherent doodling on the tour bus. Since then […]

Red Nose-d cartoonist

PCOer Graham Fowell will be drawing caricatures of all-comers for just £5 per head on Comic Relief Night this Friday (March 13). The caricaturist, known professionally as the Hit Man, will be doing his five-hour stretch of drawing crowds at The Trent Inn on his home patch near Nottingham. Graham told the Bloghorn: “We want […]

The self-analysed cartoonist

Caricaturist Adrian Teal writes about the paralysis of analysis: A PhD student phoned me yesterday, wanting to pick my brains. She’s doing research into politicians and how political cartoons are perceived, and emailed me a list of searching questions which she’ll be putting to me in a telephone interview in a day or so. I’m […]