Artist of the month – Robert Duncan

This month’ featured cartoonist on Bloghorn is Robert Duncan. He told us how he likes to produce his work: I always pencil out the cartoon, ink it in with a cheapo Pilot pen, then photocopy it. That turns the 90% black to 100% – and removes all the cut-out corrections/Tippex/patches etc. I then colour them in my […]

John Jensen on wit and wisdom: Part 1

In the first of a three-part series on wit and wisdom, PCOer John Jensen looks at the international language of cartoon competitions I have just received through the post a beautifully printed catalogue of cartoons. It contains the results of the annual Turkish Aydin Dogan International Competition, with seven Brits vigorously waving the Union Jack, […]

Steve Bell tries Dukedom

One for our American readers, Steve Bell exhibits work at Lines of Attack: Conflicts in Caricature which opens at Duke University in Durham North Carolina this week. You can read about the show and see a larger selection of  work from the artists taking part. Bloghorn thanks Wendy Hower Livingston who kindly provided us with these […]

Wit versus humour, by John Jensen

Coming soon: John Jensen writes for Bloghorn about ideas, wit versus humour, and the international language of cartoon competitions. Watch this space. John Jensen rugby illustration © Punch Ltd

Robert Duncan – Artist of the Month

Bloghorn’s featured Artist of the Month for February 2010 is cartoonist Robert Duncan.  He specialises in cartoons for advertising and his client list includes many well-known companies. He was one-fifth of the recent winning team of cartoonists on  the Eggheads TV quiz and hs comedy play Cluedo holds the all-time box office record at the Theatre […]

Ken Sprague International Cartoon Competition 2010

Entries are being sought for the 2010 International Political Cartoon Competition. The biennial competition is run by the Ken Sprague Fund, which was set up to commemorate the life and work of Ken Sprague, who died in 2004. John Green, organiser of the competition told Bloghorn: This year’s biennial Ken Sprague International Political Cartoon Competition […]

Who owns Obama?

It looks as if a criminal legal case will be brought against the artist who made the ‘Hope’ poster of Barack Obama (below). The New York Times reports Shepherd Fairey is now facing both a civil and a criminal case for his representation of, or from, an original Associated Press photograph which became famous during […]

Cartoons are about ideas, not tools

Traditional animation: Disney’s The Princess and the Frog You may have read about the new Disney film The Princess and the Frog, which is out this week. What you may also have read is that it is “a return to hand-drawn animation”. Bloghorn would like to dispute this by pointing out a simple fact: cartoons […]