Shrewsbury 2010 – Friday

The Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival is under way and recent volcanic news events are providing good material for cartoonists. Three artists from Australia were invited this year, but only Jason Chatfield, above, was able to make it. Luckily Jason started travelling long before Eyjafjallajokull did its thing. At the time of writing, 4pm on the Friday, […]

Cutting cartoons – the campaign

The PCO, the cartoonists organisation who run Bloghorn, are launching the ‘Cutting Cartoons’ campaign at this weekend’s Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival. Many of the of the UK’s best cartoonists will be drawing their own ‘cutting cartoon’ for their campaign T-shirt over the next three days. As well as future stunts challenging the loss of the […]

Shrewsbury 2010 #4

The Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival is now officially up and running. Your Bloghorn team will be out and about in the town today, Friday April 23, checking out the drawing, caricaturing, workshops and exhibitions. Watch this space, there’s plenty to come.