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by Royston

Annual illustration show reaches 34

June 7, 2010 in General, News

The exhibiton Images: The Best of British Contemporary Illustration is currently on show at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre. It runs until July 10.

Organised by the Association of Illustrators, Images is a prestigious annual illustration exhibition which has been running for 34 years.

Selected by a panel of judges, the show features works of illustration from advertising, editorial, books, children’s books, design and new media.

Aberystwyth Arts Centre
AOI Images

Political Cartooning Made Easy

June 5, 2010 in General, News

Peter Brookes, political cartoonist for The Times, makes the art of political cartooning look easy. Watch a master at work in this short film. Absorb and weep, dear reader.

Bloghorn notes: As The Times have recently started charging to view its website, to view the above link you will have to register – prices are £2 for a weekly subscription or £1 for a day’s access. However, they are offering a free preview for a limited time – you can sign up here.

Oh say, can you SEE that?

June 4, 2010 in Comment

The battle for control of the mobile internet device market is throwing up problems with satire for cartoonists and publishers. The Pulitzer prize winning American artist Mark Fiore is involved in a prolonged and sometimes acrimonious row with Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, the manufacturer of the iPhone and iPad.

Cartoon caricature of Steve jobs CEO of Apple ©Matt Buck Hack Cartoons

Steve Jobs ©Hack Cartoons

Wired magazine has thorough background details of this running story, here, here and here.

Bloghorn sees the crux of the story as an argument about control of the new publishing platforms (or devices) and of legal responsibility for the material which is published on them. Jobs and Apple are explicit that they own and control the distribution system. This means the right of control or editorship over the content published there.

Fundamentally, the technology company is now more powerful than any individual or publication that wishes to publish content on Apple’s curated distribution systems. This matters in an era when the print industry, the traditional system of mass-market communication, is in sharp decline and is being replaced by digital distribution. And, potentially, it makes Jobs and his firm extremely powerful as both publishers and censors.

Advocates for free speech, which often include political cartoonists like Fiore, argue that any emerging monopoly is undesirable without explicit transparency and accountability and this is what makes the Fiore-Jobs debate interesting.

Jobs attended the D8 – All things Digital conference this week and was asked about his attitude to acceptable content on his distribution systems – and you may find his words reported at the time mark of 7.12 on this live blog from the event.

You can read Fiore’s response to these words here.

If you have any thoughts and opinions about this story and the new gatekeepers to content, please add them to our comments section below.

by Royston

Alex's thoughts turn to love

June 3, 2010 in News

Alex in Love
An exhibition entitled Alex in Love opens today at the Last Tuesday Society in East London, and runs until June 18.

Via a selection of comic strips from The Independent and The Daily Telegraph, from 1987 to the present day, Alex will divulge some of the wisdom and expertise he has acquired on the art of love. The infamous City boy character, created by Charles Peattie and Russell Taylor, has been married for 20 years, we are told, though that does include four affairs and a career’s worth of strip-club expenses claims.

The Last Tuesday Society, at 11 Mare Street, Hackney – a gallery which boasts a quirky shop selling a range of exotic objects from two-headed teddy bears to mummified penises – is open Wed-Sun, 12-7pm. The nearest Tube station is Bethnal Green.

A Quite Interesting cartoonist

June 2, 2010 in General, News

PCOer and Bloghorn contributor Adrian Teal writes:

Some of you might remember me banging on like a girly bubble-brain about how delighted I was to be contributing cartoons to the QI spin-off books a couple of years ago. Things have moved on a little, and I have now contributed some illustrations to the TV show itself. I attended a recording with a friend on Friday, and probably lost any semblance of coolness when mingling with Messrs Fry, Davies, Clarkson, and Mitchell in the green room. It’s always fantastic to find new markets for your work, and cartooning has taken me to some interesting places. And it’s always nice to deal with people who are friendly, appreciative, and creative, which the QI crowd certainly are. It was their 100th show on Friday. Happy birthday, QI. Here’s to the next 100.

QI is set to return to our screens with a new series later this year whilst episodes from previous series are being shown on BBC2 currently. The QI Annual 2010, with artwork by Adrian Teal is out now.