Free copyright seminar

Our friends at the Creators’ Rights Alliance and Consumer Focus are holding a joint seminar on copyright for artists and illustrators to which Bloghorn would like to bring to your attention. It is being held at The Free Word Centre in central London on Tuesday 21st February from 10-5.30pm. You can download the full PDF details […]

The Round-up

  The big story in cartooning this week unfolded in the US, as a large number of editorial cartoonists took issue with The New York Times for soliciting cartoons on-spec (see No!Spec for useful background on this issue). Aardman Animations, the studio behind Wallace and Gromit, has denied it is unhappy with comparisons between their […]

Not to their credit

Bloghorn’s attention is drawn to an eye-opening story from the United States reported by our colleague cartoonist Mike Lynch. In line with recent concerns about the business of cartooning it involves unlicensed use of an image in this case by the broadcaster MSNBC. The cartoonist Lian Amaris had one of her images used without permisson or licensing […]

Cartoons for sale

“Ask anyone you meet in the street what the most popular feature of The Spectator is, and they will reply in unison, ‘The cartoons, of course’,” says Michael Heath of the magazine. Of course, he is a cartoonist and the magazine’s cartoon editor, so he would say that … but the Bloghorn agrees heartily! Following […]

The Round-up

Martin Rowson and Steve Bell, political cartoonists and members of the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation, will take part in The Guardian news organisation’s Open Weekend next month. Details of their respective events here and here. Bob Mankoff, cartoon editor for The New Yorker, considers the importance of accuracy in gag cartoons. Staying woth The New Yorker, the US cartoonist Bob […]

Her Maj show opens

Bloghorn can recommend a visit to the Cartoon Museum on behalf of Her Maj. Opening night was packed and once the TV cameras had been dodged it was possible to see some fantastic work on the walls. We’ve featured a little below, from, ahem, our members and we thank the good folk at the museum […]