The Rules of Cartooning

Bill Stott our man with the Gillott 303 Leonardt nib reveals the Rules of Cartooning: Oh yes, there are rules. Hundreds probably, but most of them are best known to students of cartooning rather than cartoonists (well at least, this cartoonist who finds scholarly texts on humour a bit anaesthetic). Below are a few which probably don’t […]

Desperate Dandy hits hard times

The future of The Dandy as a weekly printed comic appears to be in jeopardy. Its publisher says that no decision has been made, but understands that the comic is likely to be coming to an end in September. A Dandy cartoonist told us: “They emailed me last week saying that in all likelihood it […]

Personal Bests: Closing ceremony

We now return you to our regularly scheduled cynicism … And so a generation was inspired, to spend all day watching television. Now we must make sure we remember the legacy of the London 2012 Games, and perhaps switch over to The Jeremy Kyle Show on ITV. This is the last of our Personal Bests […]

The Round-up

The writer and broadcaster Brian Sibley reviews the latest Cartoon Museum exhibition, Animal Crackers, and highlights cartoons by members Ian Baker, above, Royston Robertson and Ralph Steadman as being among the best exhibits. Read Brian’s write-up here. The exhibition runs until October 21. Sticking with animals, the Chris Beetles Gallery in London is running an exhibition devoted […]

Personal Bests: Another Olympics

Here’s a Personal Bests cartoon from the imagination of The Surreal McCoy. Browse the portfolios for more by these Olympian cartoonists.

Personal Bests: Drugs

Happily it seems to have been a Games without many obvious drug scandals, but that may just mean they haven’t been caught yet. More Personal Bests to be found here.

Cartooning: Can I have that idea please?

One of the prices for the skill of visual thinking is that sometimes other people admire them to the point of purchase, but not for direct attribution. The picture above of the cover of the most recent issue of  Private Eye magazine is an example of this. But, er, exclusively, we can reveal the original cartoon […]

Personal Bests: Legacy of the games

It is time to consider the legacy of the original Much Wenlock Olympian Games. Personal Bests from the UK Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation.