Yes, It’s That Man Anderson, the PCO’s wizard of the airwaves… As mentioned in an earlier Blog, Terry Anderson has been working on a new series of podcasts and in this one he talks with cartoonist Gill Hatcher. Gill is the founder of Team Girl Comic, a long-running series of small press anthology comics for female […]

Dundee’s Comic Book Legacy

The Beano. Dandy. Dennis the Menace. Desperate Dan. The Bash Street Kids. All of the above and more will be up for discussion at Dundee University on 16th September when four speakers will highlight the importance of comics to Dundee’s heritage and identity. ‘Comics & The City’ takes place at Baxter Room 1.36, Tower Building, […]

The Cup That Cheers…

Fear not, cartoonists, comfort is only a boiled kettle away! Times may be tough but all your problems can be resolved more easily than you imagined. All you need is a little caffeine induced inspiration… Again, thanks to Alex Hughes for unearthing this Indian jewel.  

Comic Art Imitating Life?

Marvel comic book villains seem to be taking their lead from the British Prime Minister! In Al Ewing’s second volume of ‘Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders’, a guard takes the words right out of David Cameron’s mouth when he informs his prisoners their rights are being revoked. The comic book character quotes the PM’s […]