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by Jonesy

PCO Profile: Tony Fernandes

November 4, 2015 in General


Self taught artist Tony Fernandes began drawing and painting at an early age. The works of the C20th’s greatest cartoonist Picasso, along with Gillray, Rowlandson, Giles, Cruikshank, Andre Francois and Goya captured and fuelled his imagination.

His first published work appeared on television at the age of 10 when he sent in jokes and cartoons to the Saturday morning children’s shows and his work has been generally used in advertising and even by the Medical Research Council.


Tony has established himself as a unique cartoonist influenced by the great satirical draughtsmen of the C18th and C19th – his cartoons are filled with such joy, great humour, insight and wit but there is always a sense of compassion about the characters in their silliness and in the ridiculous absurdity of everyday life.


More of Tony Fernandes’ work can be viewed here.

by Jonesy

Rupert Besley’s New Book is Made of The Wight Stuff

November 4, 2015 in General


By his own admission it won’t be much good for propping open doors, however Rupert’s small but perfectly formed book punches well above its weight when it comes to generating mirth. ‘Wight Smiles 4′ follows up 3 previous collections of cartoons done mostly for the Isle of Wight County Press – with a few more besides.


Readers wishing to obtain a copy (£5, includes p&p) can contact the man himself via

by Jonesy

Noel Ford Live Radio Interview

November 4, 2015 in General


Live, on Thursday 5th November, from 12.00pm to 1.00pm, Noel Ford shall be the guest of Vic (Victoria) Minett on Radio Coventry & Warwickshire. They’ll be chatting about Noel’s cartooning, connections to Warwickshire and his current exhibition (see more info here) at the Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery.

You can listen live online here and there’s also a ‘listen again’ feature for all of Vic’s shows on the site, should you miss it.