Tim Harries is the talk of the town

On Tuesday 12 January the lucky people of Newport will be entertained by the PCO’s very own Tim Harries. An evening of fun and laughter is guaranteed and there will also be the opportunity to chat with Tim and see some of his original artwork. Tim enjoys a successful cartooning career in which he has […]

Terry Anderson reflects on a tough year for satirical artists

The PCO’s Terry Anderson offers his personal take on the travails of the modern day cartoonist. As the CRNI board member says in this considered Sunday Herald essay, when he first considered cartooning as a career many tried to dissuade him from the notion, “But no-one ever said it was dangerous…” You can read the […]

“The scurrilous lies written about Charlie Hebdo”

As the anniversary of the atrocity draws near, Robert Liam Wilson launches into the English speaking media for their misunderstanding of French culture and misrepresentation of Charlie Hebdo’s place within it. Thanks to Matthew Buck for drawing our attention to this article on The Guardian’s website.