Posy Simmonds meets Florence Cestac

The British and French graphic novelists will reflect upon their careers in comics from the 1970s to the present day in an event that will be held at 2 Granary Wharf, London on 12th April. An award-winning cartoonist and pioneering publisher of bandes dessinées, Florence Cestac is the only woman to win the Angoulême Festival’s […]

Riad Sattouf declares “I’m not French, not Syrian…I’m a cartoonist”

The bestselling graphic novelist endured a traumatic childhood in Libya, Syria and France. Then he lost 12 of his colleagues in the Charlie Hebdo slaughter. Now he’s telling his life story frame by frame… As you’d expect, his nomadic and sometimes painful experiences have shaped the man he is today, informing his notion of what […]