Glenn Marshall takes his seat on the PCO committee

Glenn swots up for his first committee meeting Seeing as cabinet shuffles are all the rage, the PCO has undertaken one of its own. We’re happy to report, however, that our manoeuvres were not politically motivated – and no knives were plunged into backs – as Simon Elinas stepped down voluntarily, his tour of duty […]

New Yorker cartoonist Michael Crawford, 1941-2016

© Michael Crawford So close to the passing of Frank Dickens, the PCO is sad to report the loss of another member of the cartooning family: Michael Crawford. Fellow New Yorker cartoonist, Peter Steiner, commented: “When Michael Crawford died, we lost an interesting and gifted artist”. Another, Joe Dator, said: “Mr. Crawford had an absurd […]

Superheroes to the rescue for News Corporation Australia?

News Corporation’s Australian Headquarters Newspapers cut comics. Newspapers lose readers. Newspapers offer a free comic to win back readers. As champions of the cartooning, illustration and comic book arts, the PCO have, in the past, drawn attention to the false economies perpetrated upon our industry by faceless bean counters in articles such as this. Now […]