‘Pointy-Shoed Weetabix Man’ and other thoughts…

© Bill Stott Bill Stott writes: “On the Go..” Now that’s a phrase that irritates the hell out of me. What does it mean? Doing something? Travelling somewhere? Possibly. But it’s mostly used to imply that we’re all tremendously busy with no time to spend in bovine cogitation. So we have to do things “On […]

More PCO cartoonists #addafish to the shoal

© Ralph Steadman The support for imprisoned cartoonist Eaten Fish continues to grow and here are even more brilliant contributions from PCO members. Please note that you don’t have to be a member of the PCO or, indeed, a professional cartoonist to play a part in this worthwhile, worldwide campaign: simply #addafish of your own […]

Who is The Doodle Man?

The Doodle Man at work What, where and why does he doodle? To find out, pay a visit to “Doodle Land” via this lovely, quirky video on The Doodle Man’s website. First spotted on the CCGB website, courtesy of Richard Howell.