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If you’re looking for funny, graphic or thoughtful images – or a combination of all three – I’m happy to take on any brief, regardless of topic or timeline.
Cartoonist, illustrator. As seen in the New Yorker, Private Eye, the Spectator, Sunday Times, Fortean Times, Independent, London Evening Standard, Hampstead Village Voice, Readers’ Digest and many other unlikely places.

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Cartoonists get stylish

Clive Goddard writes: If there’s one thing cartoonists know about it’s style. Famously dapper, well-dressed types-about-town, they constantly turn heads and the occasional stomach. This


Giants from Lilliput

Lilliput cover (Dec 1949) by Ronald Searle   Rupert Besley writes: Some years back (50, to be precise) I spotted a small selection of Lilliput