A cartoon celebration of International Women’s Day

March 7, 2016 in General


Image above from comic strip by Seo Kim

In recognition of this calendar event Zainab Akhtar has selected ten cartoonists (including British artist Tula Lotay) to highlight the quality and variety of work being produced by women today.

In the words of the author this celebratory feature focuses on “the work of 10 artists and cartoonists who you may not necessarily have heard of, but are producing an exciting and diverse – in both style and content – range of work of the highest quality.”


Image above by Tula Lotay

To see their work and learn more about the ten artists visit the A.V. Club website.

1 response to A cartoon celebration of International Women’s Day

  1. I had a look at the ten artists. Some are good graphic artists. The accompanying commentary however, is laughable. 100% purple prose, referring to one artist’s work as being “imperiously majestic”. Which is silly.

    What I didn’t see were any especially good cartoons.

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