A degree of ignorance about drawing

June 17, 2011 in Comment, General, News

Bloghorn Opinion logoIf you have been following this story you will be unsurprised that Bloghorn thinks comics, and cartooning in all its forms, are all too readily undervalued in the UK.

It is more acceptable in the cultures of Japan, the US and across Europe to consider the narrative techniques and visual artistry employed by commercial artists as a powerful form for  business and personal communication as well as entertainment and teaching.

The best single piece of evidence we offer is the attitude of the UK arts funding body – The Arts Council –  towards the national Cartoon Museum* which despite its popularity, and the long history of the form in the UK , receives no central funding. We wrote about this here.

Of course, there are some exceptions in this country – political cartooning, for example, tends to receive grudging respect for its obviously satirical and “real-world” relevance. But all too often, the “cartoon” and “comic” are used here as catch-all terms for anything that is unsophisticated, childish or tacky.

Tom Harris MP on Dundee Cartoon and Comic Course @ procartoonists.org

Tom Harris MP on Dundee Cartoon and Comic Course @ procartoonists.org

Tom Harris speaking about the establishment of a one-year Postgraduate degre in study of Visual Communication at the University of Dundee. – The home of publishers DC Thomson

Another political figure, the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, did exactly that last week. Criticising the Daily Mail, he described the paper as a “sexist, racist, bigoted comic cartoon strip(Bloghorn is only interested in the second half of that assertion, which we feel is a little unfair).

Academic appreciation of cartooning is, in fact, not new: since 1973, the University of Kent has hosted the British Cartoon Archive, a collection of more than 150,000 pieces intended to encourage the study and appreciation of cartoon art, including comic strips. The Cartoon Archive is freely open to those wishing to carry out research, and is actively involved in promoting the art form – often in collaboration with the national Cartoon Museum, the PCO and its fellow cartoonists organisations, the BCA and the CCGB.

Bloghorn is made by Matthew Buck, Royston Robertson, Alex Hughes and Rob Murray on behalf of the UK Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation

* We say please consider becoming a member to help fund them

2 responses to A degree of ignorance about drawing

  1. Oh dear. Here we go again. The Speaker said that ? Must be true then.
    I wonder if Messrs Harris and Bercow ever had an effective art education. Had that been their lot, they MAY not have expressed such cliched opinions. The fact is, as with most subjects offered in schools, if the TEACHING is good, the learners will achieve and realise more than if they had been taught badly. At any level. The Harrisbercowites, and they’re in the majority, are a bit scared of what they think Art is. Rembrandt’s scary because he’s so good and understandable. Tracey Emin’s scary, not understandable and therefore, bad. Jensen Button’s a frighteningly good driver. Does his singular ability stop Mr Bercow and Mr Harris driving ? There are thousands of excellent comic illustrators. What Mr Bercow COULD have said , if he’d known anything about Art is that The Daily Mail is like a sexist, racist, bigoted BADLY DRAWN comic cartoon strip.
    Unfortunately, there’s a far worse example of Artblinkerism than Bercow/Harris. Its The Arts Council. It doesn’t rate cartooning at all. As Bloghorn says, the Cartoon Museum needs all the support it can get.

  2. It’s an uphill struggle to change the mindset. Pre-fixing “Mickey Mouse” on to an activity or event etc indicating that it’s inferior or third rate is indicative of this malaise. Who was responsible for that? Probably a sound bite loving politician I’ll be bound.

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