A fake Searle and a Posy Simmonds movie?

February 18, 2009 in Comment

According to Perpetua, a Ronald Searle blog, there may be an original Ronald Searle St. Trinians illustration for sale on eBay. Admittedly, there is a lack of provenance, and the buyer freely admits it may be merely ‘attributed to Ronald Searle’ or even just ‘after Ronald Searle’. Even with a lack of proof that it’s not a fake, it’s already reached over £300 on the auction website.

In other news, according to the Hollywood Reporter website, there appear to be plans afoot to make an animated feature of Posy SimmondsTamara Drewe graphic novel, originally serialised in the Guardian newspaper. Details are sketchy at this stage, but it looks like the BBC have commissioned Ruby Films to produce the feature supported by the UK Film Council. There will be more details on Bloghorn as soon as we hear about it.

2 responses to A fake Searle and a Posy Simmonds movie?

  1. Quite right: that’s not a Ronald Searle.
    Still at £300 and counting, I now know what I should be doing in my spare time, then flogging on Ebay… via a genuine art-shop in Brighton, of course!!

  2. Searle would never have done something so fussy and unconfident – the watercolour is all wrong.

    Again like Nathan, I’ll whip up a few Sexton Blake Searle’s and hit ebay.

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