Support for imprisoned Musa Kart but attacks on cartoonists continue…

November 26, 2016 in General


Attendees at the British Cartoonists’ Association and Cartoon Museum awards, led by BCA Chairman and PCO member Martin Rowson, gave a standing ovation to demonstrate their support for Musa Kart, who faces jail for sedition. (See the Blog article from 2nd November for more on this story.) 

Mr Rowson stated it was “more important than ever to fight for the freedom to laugh in order to stop us all going mad in the face of events.”

He went on to pay tribute to the cartoonists murdered in the offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine, before telling the audience of cartoonists, politicians, journalists and cartoon fans how Musa Kart could face up to 43 years in prison – just for drawing cartoons.

Mr. Rowson then invited everyone to stand and applaud Mr Kart as an act of solidarity and support for “the twin freedoms of speech and laughter”, which they did with sustained vigour.


You can read about this event on the CRNI site here or this Morning Star article.

…meanwhile in Malaysia, cartoonist Zumar’s exhibition is targetted by pro-government protestors


Malaysian cartoonist Zunar Tweeted the CRNI to say his most recent exhibition in the Komtar Penang mall was disrupted by pro-government protestors. In an interview with Free Malaysia Today he confirms that he has cancelled the show outright.

Read more about this disturbing development here on the CRNI site.

Update: Zunar arrested

It appears the cartoonist has been arrested for sedition.

Further update: Zunar released on bail

We’re delighted to hear that following his ludicrous arrest the much persecuted cartoonist has been released.

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  1. Well said Martin. Its ironic that UK and other western political cartoonists are leading the fight against repressive regimes which regularly imprison their overseas colleagues. Ironic in the sense that UK political cartoonists regularly produce work which is far more trenchant and “insulting” than that of Zunar or Kart, and they aren’t carted off by the Thought Police. Yet again, the persecution of Zunar and Kart proves how scared some administrations are of the power of pointed graphic humour. Maybe we need a “pointed” Foreign Secretary to whisper in the ears of despots that their treatment of political cartoonists does absolutely nothing for their country’s international image. Oh, hang on, we’ve got one, haven’t we ?

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