Artist of the Month – Chichi Parish

Bloghorn asked our Artist of the Month, Chichi Parish, how she makes her cartoons.

Before setting about drawing, I need monastic conditions in my studio which is where my foam earplugs and noise reduction headphones come into play. It’s not great for my hairdo, but at least my ears are always cosy and I cut out suburban domestic sounds though the house still shakes from the rumble of the Central Line tube and the A406.


I use flexible drawing nibs (the bendier the better), paper and a splash of Photoshop for my work. Recently an Australian artist/ calligrapher I know called Graham McArthur, recommended Noodler’s ink. It smells divine and flows like boiled gold, to date, it beats any other inks I’ve used.

I like to get my hands dirty which is why the tactileness, zing, unpredictable chemistry of traditional media will always excite me. All my artwork gets scanned then sanitized digitally using a Wacom tablet/pen and Adobe Photoshop.

There will be more from Chichi next Friday and you can also explore our Artist of the Month archives.

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