Artist of the Month – Chichi Parish


Our PCO Artist of the Month Chichi Parish, spills the beans on which other cartoonists’ work have inspired her.

During my formative years, I was brought up and educated in Spain. As a 7 year old kid, devoured Francisco Ibáñez’s ‘Mortadelo y Filemon‘ a comic about two detective agents and the cartoon strip ‘Mafalda‘ the creation of Argentine cartoonist, Quino.

It’s hard to choose which other cartoonists’ work I admire because there are so many. Gillray always takes my breath away. Other cartoonists’ whose work I like are: Steinberg, Bretécher, John Glashan, Sempe, Crumb, Calman, Leunig, Charles M. Schultz . How long have you got? My list is endless.

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