Artist of the Month – John Roberts


Bloghorn asked Artist of the Month, John Roberts, if he had any tips for wannabe cartoonists?

Hmmm, well, thank goodness for the digital age because it enables me to get most of my work through my website. I think you must have a good website these days so that you can generate good commercial work. I’ve never been lucky enough to get published in Private Eye etc etc (to be honest I haven’t tried sending stuff off for many years) but I would suggest that being published in such a high profile publication would raise your profile and generate commercial work but I’m not one hundred percent sure of that!

And what is the future of cartooning in the digital age?

Goodness knows – I do get most of my work through my website and so in that respect the digital age is good for me but if I was just a gag cartoonist then I’m not sure I would still be able to survive. The thought of having to go back to posting artwork off to clients as opposed to sending it via email would fill me with dread!

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