Artist of the Month – Noel Ford

April 17, 2009 in Events

Bloghorn cartoon on second childhood and cars © Noel Ford

Bloghorn cartoon on second childhood and cars © Noel Ford

Bloghorn quizzes our artist of the month for April, Noel Ford.

Which other cartoonists’ work do you admire?

How long have you got? Okay, although it’s not in my nature to have “heroes”, cartoonists or otherwise, I do greatly admire the drawing and humour of many cartoonists, alive, dead and in-between. No names, no pack-drill (Whatever that means) – eclectic is my middle name!

Do you have any tips for wannabe cartoonists?

I started out purely as a gag cartoonist and developed from there. I soon discovered that if you have the necessary cartoon drawing skills and can consistently come up with good ideas, then you have about ten per cent of what is required to succeed. A vital ten per cent, of course, but that’s all. The other ninety per cent comprises, determination, a very thick skin, the ability to accept rejection and use it to spur you on (see “determination”) and a shed-load of good luck. The best advice I can give anyone with aspirations to succeed as a cartoonist is to be reliable. Never miss a deadline.

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