Artist of the Month – Tim Harries

The Bloghorn Artist of the Month for November is Tim Harries.

Tim is a freelance cartoonist whose clients Readers Digest UK and USA, Punch, New Statesman, Oink, The Sun, The Star, Future Publishing, Grant Thornton, Nelson Thornes, Kodak and many others.


Bloghorn asked Tim what made him decide to become a cartoonist.

Despite obsessing over cartoons at an early age, avidly reading from The Beano, Dandy, Nutty, etc, and drawing cartoons constantly, I didn’t consider it as a possible career ’til my mid-twenties, having spent my school leaving years in a variety of boring office jobs. My interest in cartoons was still there, and my reading matter was now Squib, the shortlived ‘The Cartoonist’ broadsheet, and the occasional copy of Punch and Private Eye.

The call of the cartoon was too great and I started submitting speculative gags to the usual suspects. I managed to get one accepted in my very first batch (to The Sun), and subsequently didn’t sell another for 3 months. Things got better though! The work increased (gags, comic strips, illustrations) and I took the leap from part-time to full-time cartooning in 1998.

There will be more from Tim here at the Bloghorn next week. Remember, you can enjoy our Bloghorn Artist of the Month archives at any time.

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