Battle of the Cartoonists 2012: Bring it on!

September 24, 2012 in Comment, Events, News

Can London take any more excitement? First the Olympics, then the Paralympics, now the Pen-and-ink-ics! Andrew Birch, Private Eye cartoonist and member, writes:

Raphael's Death of Ananias @procartoonists

Raphael's Death of Ananias @

This Sunday (September 30) at 2pm, seven teams of Britain’s best cartoonists will gather in The Raphael Room at the Victoria and Albert Museum in The Battle of The Cartoonists.

Half an hour before the start of play, the teams – The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Sun, Private Eye (Hoorah!), Big Girls Drawers, Reader’s Digest and  – will each be allotted one of Raphael’s seven massive cartoons hanging on the walls to inspire them, and will draw something connected with it (or maybe not) on a great big banner.

Two and a half hours later, the completed (or maybe not) banners will be shown to the assembled throng, and the winner will be the one that gets the most applause.

Light-hearted stuff, you say? Think again! Previous years have seen skullduggery, blatant cheating, tantrums, verbal and physical assaults, kidnapping and arson as passions run high and the ink runs like blood.

Cartoonist contestant at Battle of the Cartoonists

Contestant (possibly)

Members of the Royal family, top politicians, celebrities  and foreign dignitaries are all people who might well be there – so make sure you arrive early!

Editor adds: Our thanks to Andrew for writing the above.

Event site: The Raphael Room at the Victoria and Albert Museum – The Battle of The Cartoonists.

Organisers and friends of The Campaign for Drawing 

Reading: What WAS a cartoon

4 responses to Battle of the Cartoonists 2012: Bring it on!

  1. No Indy or Times teams?

  2. Dave Brown couldn’t scrape together enough people to make an Indy team, Gary.Don’t know about The Times – perhaps there’s a paywall…

  3. I shall be thinking of you all as you march forth to cartooning civil war whilst I cling to the panic straps in the Cheapair Dakota trundling to Menorca.

    Incidentally, there are rumours that a Papal Team may make a late appearance.

  4. Yes, well, it was of course all a bit of a farce because – well – we didn’t win. Too many hanging chads, I think. 

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