Bigging up cartoons in Southport

tim board southport

Tim Harries and his Big Board

Noel Ford writes:

Saturday 7th May, Southport shopping precinct: Big Boards assembled, caricature station manned, we set about entertaining the passing shoppers as part of the Southport Festival. Despite a weather forecast that hedged its bets between ‘hot and sunny’ and ‘storm-force wind and rain’, the day remained fine and warm and everyone, cartoonists and public, had a great time.


Big Boarders Pete Dredge, Tim Harries, Chris Williams, Rich Skipworth and myself drew cartoons based on the various up-and-coming Southport events, whilst caricaturists Brighty and John Roberts drew the crowds (pun intended) and one punter was so delighted that she ran off brandishing her caricature and proclaiming, “It looks like me! It looks like me!”


Steve Bright (aka ‘Brighty’) keeps the punters happy

The event was organised by Paul Hardman and, with the energetic help of Brendan Riley of the Comedy Festival and other volunteers, everything went off to plan (yes, there WAS a plan!) and it is hoped that the Southport Festival will become the home of another much-needed annual UK cartooning event.

rich board southport

Rich Skipworth and Big Board

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