Artist of the Month: Denis Dowland

Demis Dowland cartoon @ The Bloghorn for the professional cartoonists' Organisation
PCO Artist of the Month Denis Dowland, tells Bloghorn about some of his cartoon influences: “A good gag’s a good gag so I am not so particular about graphic styles. I think the great majority of cartoonists, and I don’t even mind being counted as one of them, come up with at most a handful of works that will stand the test of (short to medium) time.

“Bill Tidy, McLachlan and lots of people whose names I cannot even recall have done stuff I wished I had done, never mind Cruikshank. Larson, ubiquitous as he is, comes up with real beauties in my view, and I’m slowly working my way around claiming authorship of one or two of that chap Stott’s scribbles as well. I have just seen Scarfe’s exhibition and some of his caricature is jaw-dropping. Caricature is a discipline I have never attempted, I couldn’t tell you why.”

His top tip for aspiring cartoonists is: “Get a job. I am not a good role model for any aspiring artiste (sic). Some young people want to become cartoonists for the same reasons they’d want to be pop stars. It’s a pose one can strike without bothering to learn a craft. This is of course a reflection of my own middle-age views and experience. I would try to inspire young people to embrace neurology, astrophysics or history or any scholarly pursuit instead. Boring old prat, I know. I love it.”

The PCO: Great British cartoon talent
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