Artist of the Month: Nathan Ariss

Bloghorn_Nathan_Ariss_cartoon_No1Nathan Ariss is our featured artist for January 2009.

Well, thank you for asking me to be your Artist of the Month dear Bloggy. As your January 2009 pin-up, it falls to me to inject a tone of – dare I say it? – optimism into the current credit-crunchy world of the freelance cartoonist. Yes, traditional markets may be shrinking, commissions and spirits appear to be down, and doom and gloom seem to scour this land, but perhaps the New Year is exactly the right time to look to the best that the future has to offer and positively set about embracing it. With that in mind may I wish us all a very happy, joyous and prosperous New Year!

Nathan works as a cartoonist and illustrator, has been published in Private Eye, The Spectator, Slightly Foxed and Business Executive (BEX). Other work includes book and album illustrations and covers, school text books, advertising campaigns and greeting cards, as well as numerous private commissions.

The PCO: Great British cartoon talent
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