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May 20, 2009 in Comment, News

Word reaches us that caricaturist Gerald Scarfe will be featuring in television’s The Apprentice this week. Bloghorn hopes he gets to do Alan Sugar good and proper.

We are sad to see the opinion of Margaret Mountford from show (copied below) about what the contestants know of Scarfe, but, ahem, that’s partly why Bloghorn is here.

As usual, the victorious team is given a treat. This week it involves the cartoonist Gerald Scarfe – although, judging by their blank expressions, I’m not sure that any of the winning candidates had even heard of him.

While we are in the world of the live action moving picture, we should also say that a team of our finest pencil points are nearly ready for public broadcast after their appearance on the Eggheads quiz show. We now know their outing will be broadcast over the summer, so watch this virtual space for more details.

2 responses to Bloghorn’s TV teasers

  1. Who’s Gerald Scarfe??

  2. Ger said on May 22, 2009

    Once they found out how famous he is I wonder if they tried to flog their drawings!

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