Cartoon market stall? They're 'avin a larf!

June 1, 2009 in News

Most cartoonists have wondered how they can bypass traditional publication and get their work direct to a paying audience, particularly if they have ever seen rejected drawings and jokes appreciated by the general public.

PCOer Clive Goddard has joined forces with cartoon-merchandise producer Steve Willis to come up with an ingenious solution: a cartoon market stall.

They brushed up on their cheeky stallholder banter and took a spot at Oxford Castle Market this weekend, selling cartoon T-shirts, cards, mugs, key-rings, books, original art and other merchandise. Steve told the Bloghorn: “We certainly felt it was worth continuing. We’ll be at Oxford Castle Market on Saturdays for the foreseeable future.”

The pair are now set to offer free space, for a commission, to a caricaturist sitting adjacent to the stall, as there are always plenty of tourists seeing the sights of Oxford passing by.

Bloghorn wonders how long it can be before we see a cartoon market stall on EastEnders. It would cheer up Albert Square no end.

3 responses to Cartoon market stall? They're 'avin a larf!

  1. We were also lucky enough to start our stall on the sunniest Saturday of year so far, which enabled us to sit in the sun (listening to the live jazz band playing nearby) smelling the wares from Carluccio’s and Pizza Express (either side of us) and enjoying the parade of the beautiful people Oxford seems to attract in vast numbers….. Oh, and we got to chat to some humans too and sell them things. For someone who spends most of his working week not seeing a soul this made a really pleasant change!
    (Ps – Can yer look arter me stall a minite, I gotta go darn the caff.)

  2. Speakin as a sahf landoner originally, Clive, it’s ‘dahn the caff’. Anyway – way to go. As a profession, we are constantly complaining that traditional sources of income are drying up, and it’s only a matter of time before we find new ones. After all, we are creative individuals, and find ways of doing things rather than excuses for not doing them.

    And why not have a cartoon market stall on ‘East Enders’????

  3. Because no-one ever laughs in Walford. It would upset the fragile balance of the universe.

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