Cartoon round-up: Bob Diamond and the MPs

Stanley McMurtry in The Daily Mail @
“You fool, Bob! How are we going to manage now?” © Stanley McMurtry for The Daily Mail @

Following our post on Monday about Bob Diamond of Barclays bank, here is how some of the UK’s cartoonists have responded to his resignation and appearance at the Treasury Select Committee at Westminster.

Dave Brown Independent cartoon on Barclays @
© Dave Brown for The Independent @
Steve Bell for The Guardian
© Steve Bell for The Guardian @
Matt Pritchett in the Telegraph @
© Matt Pritchett for the Telegraph @
Matt Buck cartoon for MSN
© Matt Buck Hack cartoon for MSN @
Andy Davey cartoon in the Sun @
© Andy Davey for The Sun @
Kerber and Black at The Mirror @
© Neil Kerber and David Black for The Mirror @
Kipper Williams for The Guardian
© Kipper Williams for The Guardian


If you have seen any more we should feature please let us know in the comments. Our membership portfolios are also full of work like this.

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