Cartooning: Can I have that idea please?

August 9, 2012 in General, News

One of the prices for the skill of visual thinking is that sometimes other people admire them to the point of purchase, but not for direct attribution.

Private Eye Olympics cover

Private Eye Olympics cover 9th August 2012

The picture above of the cover of the most recent issue of  Private Eye magazine is an example of this. But, er, exclusively, we can reveal the original cartoon behind the mass-market cover page printing.

Olympic_Martian_invasion_on_BBC © Pete Dredge @

© Pete Dredge @

Bright ideas, we’ve often got ’em.

2 responses to Cartooning: Can I have that idea please?

  1. Just to add that permissions were asked and granted for such usage.

  2. It’s good that your caption made the front page, Pete, but a shame not
    to see the Fiona Bruce caricature in print. A hard subject to get right,
    I’d think, but you’ve managed it. At least it gets a showing on!

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