Cartooning looks to the future

April 6, 2011 in Comment

Matt Bors comic strip excerpt
There’s no doubt that the news media is undergoing something of a traumatic transitional phase, as the move towards digital continues.

But the people who make the cartoons that go with the news appear to have it even worse, particularly in America. As The Economist has noted, those at the forefront of news and comment on the internet, such as The Huffington Post, and Rupert Murdoch’s new venture The Daily, do not appear to believe that cartoons are part of the package.

The magazine has spoken to the cartoonist Matt Bors – see his excerpt from a graphic travelogue covering a trip to Afghanistan, above – to discuss different ways that editorial cartoons can evolve, in an article on the future of cartooning.

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  1. Just scrolled down the whole page – NO COMMENTS ! disgraceful.
    You’re probably all just sulking because you weren’t there. The Festival was a blast. The public proving yet again how much people like cartoons

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