Cartoonist does the maths

April 10, 2014 in General, News

From Alex Through the Looking Glass © The Surreal McCoy

From Alex Through the Looking Glass © The Surreal McCoy member The Surreal McCoy has drawn cartoons for a new book that claims, among many other things, to reveal the world’s favourite number.

Alex Through The Looking Glass, by the mathematician Alex Bellos, was featured on Radio 4’s Today programme on Tuesday: listen to John Humphrys struggling with the maths here (at 2hrs 55mins).

The book is published today by Bloomsbury. Oh, and the number is revealed here.

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2 responses to Cartoonist does the maths

  1. Lovely drawing, as ever. These numbery types are popping up all over the place aren’t they ? I have a neighbour who is a pure mathematician. I have asked him on more than one occasion if there are impure mathematicians. He just looks at me pityingly.

  2. Great stuff Carol. Saw it reviewed with Alex interviewed on BBC Breakfast.

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