Cartoonists discuss the big issue: Europe


Joey Tempest, lead singer and owner of the definitive ‘poodle-rock’ hairstyle

Tune into New Yorker cartoonist Joe Dator’s Blog, ‘Songs You’re Sick Of’, and enjoy the wonderfully funny ramblings of the host and his guest, our very own The Surreal McCoy (‘The’ to her friends), as they analyse Europe’s most famous song: The Final Countdown.

The Surreal McCoy leads a double life, being a professional musician as well as a cartoonist and she straps on her accordion for the occasion and learns the chords and a smattering Swedish into the bargain. What a trouper.


An early laptop

Mick Jagger’s leotards, the effect of weightlessness on 1980’s hair and meaty bun-cake houses are just three topics that spring out of the conversation.

Beef Burger 110

The above can be found in ‘meaty bun-cake houses’ apparently

The undoubted highlight, however, is The Surreal McCoy’s performance of The Final Countdown. An immeasurable improvement on the original, it features ‘The’ (remember – only to friends) on accordion, accompanied by Inga, Swedish Google translator, on vocals. A tour de force that, once heard, can never be forgotten.

Thirty minutes of fun await on Joe Dator’s ‘Songs You’re Sick Of”.


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