Cartoonists for the Olympics are named


The International Olympics Committee has selected nine cartoonists from around the world to be the official cartoonists to the Olympics Committee. The final list of chosen artists is;

Norio Yamanoi (Japan), Barrigue (Switzerland, Daryl Cagle (USA), Jason Chatfield (Australia), Hassan Karimzadeh (Iran), Dario Castillejos (Mexico), Michel Kichka (Israël), Godfrey Amon Mwampwemba (Gado) (Kenya) and Mikhail Zlatkovsky (Russia).

Speaking to Bloghorn, Jason Chatfield said;

The selection criteria remains a mystery. I had imagined it was something akin to planning a trip with a map and a handful of darts, but I was surprised to discover they knew my work well when I got back to them. This is the closest I’ll come to being involved in the olympics as I have the athletic ability of a sloth with polio.

Bloghorn thinks, it’s a bit bizarre but why not. If you have a question about what this is all about please put it in the comments and we will see what else we can find out.

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