Cartoonists for the Olympics are named

October 7, 2009 in Comment


The International Olympics Committee has selected nine cartoonists from around the world to be the official cartoonists to the Olympics Committee. The final list of chosen artists is;

Norio Yamanoi (Japan), Barrigue (Switzerland, Daryl Cagle (USA), Jason Chatfield (Australia), Hassan Karimzadeh (Iran), Dario Castillejos (Mexico), Michel Kichka (Israël), Godfrey Amon Mwampwemba (Gado) (Kenya) and Mikhail Zlatkovsky (Russia).

Speaking to Bloghorn, Jason Chatfield said;

The selection criteria remains a mystery. I had imagined it was something akin to planning a trip with a map and a handful of darts, but I was surprised to discover they knew my work well when I got back to them. This is the closest I’ll come to being involved in the olympics as I have the athletic ability of a sloth with polio.

Bloghorn thinks, it’s a bit bizarre but why not. If you have a question about what this is all about please put it in the comments and we will see what else we can find out.

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  1. OK, I’ll ask the obvious question … as the next Olympics is being held in Britain, why is there not a British cartoonist on the list?

  2. Cartoon politics I understand. Bloghorn is attempting to find out why…

  3. Beat me to it, Royston. I’m outraged!

  4. Were we too slow off the blocks?

  5. What’s the pay like ? Or is it the taking part that’s important ?

  6. The Federation of Cartoonists Organisations (FECO) , the only international group of cartoonists, was not involved in this selection and was not aware of it.

    So how was this, somewhat strange, selection made?

  7. We are still endeavouring to find out but it seems likely it was made on the basis of personal contacts between individuals and without an organisation involved at all.

  8. It appears that at least some of the cartoonists chosen have connection with the United Nations.

  9. “Personal contacts between individuals”. That I can understand.I MAY be horribly wrong, but judging by news reports, some going back to the Salt Lake scandal, and more recent ones involving plans to create special Olympic Traffic Lanes in and around London, straying into said lanes involving a £5000 fine, reinforces the impression that the IOC is a body which wields strange power involving much nodding and winking. That they haven’t approached a UK cartoonist or any UK cartoonists’ organisation [yet] suggests that they either haven’t got a clue, or don’t care. The omission is indefensible. Maybe they were advised by the Arts Council.
    Nowhere near Tonbrige Wells

  10. I achieved my ‘personal best’ in 1982 so count me out.

  11. I hope you can post any information about the decision-making process, and the lack of a British cartoonist.
    There’s also no Canadian cartoonist on the list, and we’re just a few months away from the Winter Games in Vancouver/Whistler.

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