Cartoonists idle away the evening

March 10, 2011 in News

Jonathan PughTwo top cartoonists are to give a talk on their art at a new venue set up in London by the Idler magazine.

Jonathan Pugh, pictured, and Tony Husband will host an event called Secrets of the Master Cartoonists at The Idler Academy on March 31 at 7pm.

After many years at The Times, Pugh is now the Daily Mail’s chief cartoonist, and Tony Husband contributes to The Times, Private Eye and many magazines. At this one-off event they will take questions from the audience, as well as drawing cartoons live.

Tony, a contributor to The Idler, was asked to do a talk and demonstration by the magazine’s editor Tom Hodgkinson. Tony told the Bloghorn:

“I thought it would be good to do it with a Jonathan Pugh, a cartoonist and friend whose work I admire. I’m not sure how it will go or where it will end up but it should be fun.

“The Academy is a great idea, a place where you can go to read, learn, listen and talk, drink coffee and meet like minded folks. Perhaps a new movement may start there, who knows, its a fascinating experiment and well worth supporting.”

The Idler Academy is a bookshop, café and “centre of learning” in West London. Founded by Hodgkinson and his wife, Victoria Hull, the intention is to bring back old-school teaching subjects and styles in the relaxed manner for which the magazine is known.

Their website says: “We want to combine the atmosphere of cultivated leisure that distinguished Plato’s Academy with the lively conviviality of the 18th century coffeehouse, and add a good dose of the 1950s grammar school.”

For more information on this and other events, visit the Idler Academy website. Tickets for the cartoon talk are £18.

6 responses to Cartoonists idle away the evening

  1. The Idler? A new one on me – what’s it about?

  2. It’s more than what the name implies, Gary. It’s more about living life and doing the kind of work you want rather than being a wage slave and pursuing materialism. It’s not really a magazine any more, it’s a book that comes out annually (I think). It’s pricey too. A better place to start are Tom Hodgkinson’s books How to be Idle and How to be Free, both of which are good reads and have lots of food for thought, I found.

  3. Yes indeed, and they run some pretty good summer schools as well………….dealing with things like how to smoke a pipe, and 101 things to do with a cravat.

  4. Thanks Royston, the more I learn the less I realise I know

  5. No worries, Gary.

    Bill, I think the magazine you’re referring to is The Chap

    They do cover some similar ground, and I believe the editor of the latter is also down to do a talk at the Idler Academy.

  6. And a pipe’s a pipe for all that.

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