Cartoonists roast Turkey over media crackdown

© Steve Bell

Glenn Marshall writes:

PCO members join worldwide campaign #FreeTurkeyMedia

I always feel my work is being suppressed when I get another bunch of rejections – yet again my strong views on wheelie bins and selfie-sticks are being denied a public forum.

But when a cartoonist over here complains about their plight it pales in significance with what other cartoonists are facing in certain countries.

© Andy Davey

© Banx Cartoons

The PCO and CRNI have recently been with involved with #AddAFish for refugee cartoonist Eaten Fish who after three years is still incarcerated in the Australian detention centre on Manus Island.


© Noel Ford

© Glenn Marshall

Now cartoonists are joining in with the #FreeTurkeyMedia initiative, a campaign for the 120+ journalists and media workers currently imprisoned in Turkey. This includes cartoonist Musa Kart who has been locked away from his young family for over 160 days and now hears he may face 29 years in jail.

© Wilbur Dawbarn

© Jonesy Cartoons

More details can be found on the Amnesty International website







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