Cause and effect: Cartoonists’ Showcase

August 18, 2010 in Events, News

“Double Dip and Toil and Trouble !!” by Nick Hayes,
from the Guardian’s summer cartoonists showcase.

As previously mentioned in Bloghorn, the Guardian is showcasing six up-and-coming cartoonists whilst regular incumbent Steve Bell is on his summer holidays.

Since the last week of July, the cartoons of Anna Trench, Lou McKeever (aka Bluelou), Ben Jennings, Tanya Tier, Bob Moran and Nick Hayes have been adding their own visual takes on the day’s news. Their contributions haven’t been without controversy, with many cartoons receiving over 100 comments each, including numerous pieces or rebuttal from fellow Guardian cartoonist, Martin Rowson. As Martin says in the comments:

The reason for giving these cartoonists an airing here – including, of course, the opportunity to fail – is that these days it’s almost impossible to undergo that kind of baptism of fire in a national newspaper , and thus hone your native skills.

and on the subject of the comments:

[…] these six debutants have overturned an original editorial decision not to have comments on their work when it appears on this site. I think that’s quite brave of them, so it might be worthwhile some of you repaying the compliment by being constructive in your criticism, rather than just trolling about as usual, beating up this particular bus shelter on the side of the information superhighway with the kind of reckless abandon that seems to come so easily to the heroically anonymous.

On a related note, Steve Bell and Martin Rowson will be in conversation at the Edinburgh International Book Festival this weekend, whilst Steve will also be chatting to American political cartoonist Garry Trudeau and comic book writer Alan Moore.

9 responses to Cause and effect: Cartoonists’ Showcase

  1. Good that the Graun presents this opportunity. A pity they don’t do quite the same with non – political cartoonists. Often, the paper’s choice in the cartoon-for-its-own -sake arena offers obscure material. These political cartoons aren’t obscure. I like Bluelou’s the best because it gets the message across without recourse to orthodox drawing and caricature. The others do however, and those two elements aren’t quite strong enough. Doubtless, in time, they will be.
    No anonymous heroics here.

  2. Bluelou is a genius.

  3. I’m sorry but I don’t even know who they’re supposed to be.

  4. Which cartoon, Gary ?

  5. It’s a pity that the Graun never replaced the late David Austin’s topical pocket cartoon slot. But hats off for showcasing new ‘comment’ cartoonists.

  6. The one at the top of the page Bill. I’ve looked again and I think the moon is Cameron, the two furthest ones back look a bit like Cable and Osborne, but I haven’t got a clue who the nearest one is.

  7. Reckon that’s Mervyn King, Gary. Admittedly, without his glasses…

  8. Does Mr King have a mole/bullet hole in his forehead ?

  9. I thought that might be the case too Alex. Funnily enough I did Merv last week for Estates Gazette.

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