Cartoonists take on Nick Clegg

Chris Riddell's Nerve Centre. Copyright: Chris Riddell/the Observer

Former national newspaper editor, Peter Preston asked four of the UK’s top political cartoonists how they draw Nick Clegg, the new Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Democrats in a recent article.

Preston asked Peter Brookes from The Times:

Clegg is very much the junior partner while Cameron has that air of entitlement about him. So the idea of Cameron as a prefect and Clegg as his fag seemed a theme that is infinitely playable on.

The Guardian‘s Steve Bell took a similar line:

After the election, I came across graffiti on a poster. It was one of Cameron’s posters, with him in his shirtsleeves. Somebody had written: ‘You’re my butler now’ and it just made me laugh. The world is Cameron’s butler now.

Nick Garland of the Daily Telegraph preferred to play on Clegg’s ‘boyish’ qualities:

You can imagine his mother wiping dirt off his shirt. That was noticeable in their press conference in Downing Street’s garden.

…and finally, there was a short video interview with the Observer‘s own Chris Riddell.

[…] his political position makes him an absolute gift, because of his status in this coalition. So week after week, we do Clegg as a lapdog, a ventriloquist’s dummy.

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