Cartoons – not so static after all

February 12, 2013 in General, News

It is sometimes assumed that cartooning is a purely static medium.
One of our members, Robert Duncan, shows this isn’t the case in this three-minute plus video celebrating the work of the writer and cartoonist Edward Lear.

If you have seen any other good examples of cartooning as a moving medium please post them into the comments below.

12 responses to Cartoons – not so static after all

  1. Much better than Life of Pi!!

  2. A delightful and well crafted piece of story telling work. Suits Robert’s style perfectly. Was Bernard Cribbins unavailable ??

  3. Brilliant!

  4. I like these 2 animations based on the work of Mexican/Cuban cartoonist Angel Boligan

  5. Of course, Morten Morland’s animations are a bit special:

  6. and here’s a very old one of mine, done at the time of the Lib Dem leadership fight and featuring the new go-faster Lib Dem bird, based on Road-Runner. The two pieces of music are from the early morning school holiday programmes I watched as a kid, Belle et Sebastien and The Flashing Blade.

  7. Lovely stuff!

  8. Absolutely. What Nathan said !

  9. Brilliant – silly and beautiful!

  10. Bravo, Mr Duncan! Encore!

  11. lovely, lovely work – without (presumably) spending a year making it – although there’s still an awful lot of work in it. 

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