Cartoons of the News of the World

Rebecca Brooks cartoon by Dave Brown
Cartoon © Dave Brown of The Independent

The many strands of the the News of the World hacking scandal has meant that the story has been a gift for cartoonists from across the world’s media.

Some, such as Dave Brown of the Independent, above, concentrated on the Medusa-like qualities of Rebecca Brooks, but there were also many ruthless Ruperts and lots of rolling in the gutter. Here is the Bloghorn’s round up of the hacking humour you may have missed.

At the Guardian Steve Bell held the front page, while Martin Rowson took a metaphorical trip to Mordor. Meanwhile, Mac of the Daily Mail took a grave view of the situation.

Matt looked at the public’s moralising in the Telegraph, while Christian Adams suggested that David Cameron cannot easily wash his hands of the matter. On the website, Tobias Grubbe had plenty to say ‘pon the story.

At the Times Peter Brookes ponders on what bears do in the woods and Morten Morland looks at politicians on their high horse. (Subscription required.)

Back at the Indie, Peter Schrank depicted the leading players drinking in the Last Chance Saloon, while Tim Sanders got down and dirty. Alex Hughes at Tribune has the News of the Screwed while Andrew Birch wonders if Murdoch will make a deep cut.

There are lots of great foreign takes on the subject over at, including a funeral scene by Martin Sutovec of Slovakia, Dave Granlund of the US on yesterday’s fish’n’chip paper, and a reptilian Rupert by Luojie of China.

With the story set to run and run, readers can expect lots more.

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