Clive Goddard on the wonders of DACS

December 19, 2017 in General

The PCO’s very own Clive Goddard, ace cartoonist and spinner of entertaining yarns, takes time to point out the benefits of the artists’ rights management organisation in this interview with DACS.

Clive reveals the name of the artist that led to his obsession with cartoons and, eventually, a successful career as a cartoonist. He also mentions which of his own work pleases him most, offers helpful advice and, last but not least, uses the platform to bang the drum for cartooning in general.

© Clive Goddard

© Clive Goddard

All in all, well worth a few minutes of your time.

You can see more of Clive’s work in his PCO Portfolio here.


2 responses to Clive Goddard on the wonders of DACS

  1. Nice Summary Clive. Realistic & positive.

  2. Ha ha, love the Ascent of Trousers. With the feller on the right with the blue t-shirt, do they go right up to his neck? (Splendid interview, well worth checking out.)

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