Copyright and coffee

June 17, 2013 in Comment, General

Courtesy of one of our members, Chris Madden:

© Chris Madden


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  1. Perfect! 

  2. Excellent, Chris!

  3. Yeah – thanks for sharing, Chris! 

    <Check if we paid the guy>
  4. LOVE THIS!  Often I get requests for FREE art for “PROMO” – but it never leads to anything, except more people asking for free art!Sometimes I will ask the person to wash my car for me, and I’ll promote it for them.  At times I’ll get a laugh from them, and other times the person just realizes the reality of asking people to work for free.I’m constantly trying to educate people on what a “working artist” means!This cartoon demonstrates it better then anything I’ve seen!!!!!!

  5. Well I will say, that the number of images I have found on websites and social media that I my own Copyright are certainly greater than a few. Having taken the time to copy links to these images, site, and publications and then used them in my own campaigns I FIND THAT THE EXPOSURE and the VISIBILITY of my work is significantly greater than if I had spent MONEY getting the images into third party publications in the first place. However, if you are a deity photographer regularly commanding hundreds of pounds for royalties for your photos then perhaps you have lost a few pounds although somehow I doubt it. One also has to weigh up the fact that everybody is now a photographer and withing three years any image that you want to publish on just about ANYTHING will be available from a vast number of “Uncle Bob” libraries.Cutting to the point.. MAKE YOUR MONEY from the original contract!

  6. Well, unless there’s a “buy a copy of this cartoon for personal use” button on this website, how are we going to pay you so we can use it on our blogs ? (rather than just sharing with all the links?) great cartoon on a common problem.

  7. Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for your comment.

    The simplest and best answer is to ask the cartoonist whose drawing you would like to use. This is one of the reason exists
  8. Hi Matt,I get the general point and admire the site – you have some great and very famous cartoonists here.To the point – if the cartoonist has a page where you can buy and license an image on the portfolio here – then it would be good business for everyone involved to have a button or link that takes them exactly to the webpage where that image can be licensed.If you can make it a one click navigation for potential customers – then why not eh ? is just one click and that’s what you (And I!) have to compete with.

  9. First off, this is a very good gag. Proves the power of cartoons. Image theft has been talked about ad infinitum and yet in next to no time this gag gets 10 comments – and not all from the same side of the fence. To Anthony I’d suggest that we don’t need the left – click, right click shake it all about business. All portfolios on the PCO site carry contact details. A simple email to the individual artist would get the job done.

  10. Hi Anthony, Thanks for the thoughtful reply and I see your point.

    There are services that allow the instant download you require and it is something that I personally would like to see procartoonists achieve. Of course we are not a business and you will understand that sorting out an enduring provider for such a commercial undertaking takes time!
  11. Anthony and Matt,FIrst, love the cartoon.Second, we offer the type of instant licensing you refer to, which may help.  It’s a free plugin.  Please let us know if we can help?RHonda@icopyright

  12. Nice one, Chris!This has long been a thorny subject. Where online work is concerned, copyright is a bit of a joke (though not one you get paid for), otherwise, more of us would use the web as a regular medium.There are some interesting points made on this blog.  I wish I could come up with an answer – maybe someone brainier than me will do so.  This is something for to get their teeth into….. 

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