Duchamp in Herne Bay: the Movie

June 3, 2014 in Events, General, News

The organisers of last year’s Marcel Duchamp in Herne Bay Festival, which many Procartoonists members took part in, have released a rather nice video of the event, above. It was put together by David Good.

The festival is one of the nominees in the East Kent People’s Awards. You can vote for it here.

Those with short-attention spans note: the cartooning action starts at 8mins in, but the whole thing is worth a watch — a reminder of a marvellous event as well as last year’s terrific summer!

5 responses to Duchamp in Herne Bay: the Movie

  1. Tremendous, absolutely trtemendous !

  2. A heartening, funny and slightly wistful record of Anglo-French eccentricity. Marvellous stuff.

  3. Indeed. (And notes photo array from said event.)

    If you might like an event like this as apart of something you are doing in your town – start here (email
  4. I can’t praise the cartoonists enough for their contributions to our cartoon exhibition and live event – and for bothering to turn up!  It provided a brilliant, humourous and unique take on proceedings. The true inheritors of Duchamp legacy, we salute you!

    And what a charming film – Bravo, David Good. Unobtrusive and insightful, and charmed the words from everyone to put in the film.

    As Matt says above, as an organisation we can gather the available forces to help put any event on the map. So, please leave a plain brown envelope stuffed full of fivers behind the railing at Victoria – the Brighton line – and we’ll see what we can do…

  5. I’ve just looked at the film again. It really is very good – even better the second time around. It needs to be fired into every local council chamber in the land. Well done again to all involved.

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