Duchamp in Herne Bay

July 4, 2013 in Events, General, News


Duchampions_Poster_at_Herne_Bay_at_Procartoonists.org © Hunt Emerson

© Hunt Emerson @ procartoonists.org

We are pleased to be able to share more details of the Duchampions cartoon event with the help of the fantastic event poster made by Hunt Emerson.

It gives a great idea of some of the events we have highlighted that will be taking place in Herne Bay, Kent, on Saturday 3 August

Cartoonists attending or submitting artwork for the Duchamp and Modern Art “Cartoons in Pubs” are:

Andrew Birch, Andy Davey, Bill Stott, Cathy Simpson, Chris Burke, Chris Madden, Hunt Emerson, Ian Baker, Steve Jones, Martin Honeysett, Mike Turner, Noel Ford, Pete Dredge, Royston Robertson, Rupert Besley, The Surreal McCoy, Steve Bell, Tim HarriesAlex Matthews, Colin Whittock, Dave Brown, Gary Northfield, Grizelda Grizlingham, Jeremy Banks, Jonathan Cusick, Kipper Williams, Matt Buck, Matt Pritchett, Nathan Ariss, Richard “RGJ” Jolley, Rob Murray, Roger Penwill, Simon Pearsall, Steve Way, Tim Sanders, Tony Husband, and Wilbur Dawbarn.

We will be publishing further details ahead of the event.

7 responses to Duchamp in Herne Bay

  1. Poster absolutely brilliant.

  2. Sounds fantastic! Jealous now.

  3. “Come and join us”!! All wandering cartoonists catered for.

  4. Power to everyone’s organising elbow.

  5. Damn. Wish I could make it, as I lived there as a student.

  6. Is there any chance of buying a copy of the Hunt Emerso  Deschamp poster above? My husband fell in love with it…have searched for a long time on the net and cant find any info on posters for sale. 

  7. Hi Carol, Thanks for your message. I have emailed you direct.

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